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Here's Why Cats Are Stepping Up To Protect Sharks In Thailand

Cats ♥ fishSharks = fishCats ♥ sharks! Learn how you can help protect sharks and keep our ocean ecosystems healthy.

Sharks. They're one of the most awesome predators on the planet and they're in serious danger because some people want to put them in soup.

This WildAid and WWF ad campaign in Thailand uses cats to explain how inhumane and just plain dangerous it is to kill sharks for consumption.

In the ad, this knowledgable cat explains to its "hooman" that over 160 different species of sharks are at risk of extinction because of the unsustainable trade and consumption of shark fins, meat, and other parts!

Our feline friend goes on to explain that humans needlessly kill and butcher up to 100 MILLION sharks globally every year.

These sharks are extremely important to our ocean ecosystems and removing them by the millions can have really bad consequences on the fish populations most people depend on to survive.

So why do cats care so much about sharks? Because if sharks disappear, then the ocean's ecosystem could collapse, impacting the seafood most humans (and cats) love to eat. It's simple: No sharks = no fish. And cats LOVE fish!

And for these cats, demolishing the shark fin trade is no laughing matter. They have a whole website and everything!

So to anyone out there who's looking forward to their next bowl of shark fin soup, take a tip from this cat and JUST STOP IT ALREADY.

Images via WildAid and Getty Images.

And for everyone else, find out what you can do to help protect sharks and keep our ocean ecosystems healthy!

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