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15 Pieces Of Glass Art That You Wouldn't Believe Are Pipes

Yes, it's a pipe.

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Femmaliene by Banjo and Robert Mickelsen

Lantern by Erik Anders and Troy Bennet

Bel Air by Banjo

Zuri by JAG

Pirate Ship by Buck, LaceFace and Joe O'Connel

Trumpet by Etai Rahmil

Black Widow by Phil Siegel

Giraffe with African Tick Bird by Buck and Robert Mickelsen


Skull by Scott Deppe, Adam G. And T Funk

Chess Set by Banjo and Tristan Hodges

Spider and Flowers by Darby Holm

Sniper M4 Automatic Rifle by Robert Mickelsen

Dino Trucks by Elbo, Joe Peters and Jsyn Lord

Candlestick Phone by Etai Rahmil

Elementia by Eusheen and Robert Mickelsen

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