• The Meta Corps - Dream of the Youth Ebook By Toby Gard

    Ebook Description: There is a deadly cloud swirling in San Fransisco and only the newest meta heroine in a sixty year legacy, Lora Summers the Pink Lemon is able to stop it. Joined with her partners, Frost and the Crimson Cherry, Lora must keep the cloud from sucking up San Fransisco as the shockingly liquid villain, the Electric Beaulieu stands in their way of calming the clouds young telekinetic creator.

  • Wonder

    I made this because I found this REALLY cool pic. I got sad though because I couldn’t afford it, so I made my own.

  • Old World Japan

    The gritty version. This is a concept of one of my characters in development. Think of Qui-Gon Jin, but done correctly, and a Japanese female. Keiko, which is her name, lives in a place where cyberpunk is trying to take over the ancient feudal Japan, and is unfortunately succeeding. Not seen is her sword, and student Tomoe.

  • Bored in a California World

    Why I wanted to remake: 49% poor quality and bad coloring/lineart/anatomy 50% HORRID pose in the old lineart! NO girl would sit like that in a mini skirt! 1% hot gas The original one was made mostly on creativity. I wanted to blend real world and line art semi successfully and failed, thus the “Winter World” name. I renamed it California World due to the fact that I’m allot better at blending the two worlds. (That silver thing under Xu is a backpack, BTW. Damned over hyped leather settings…)

  • Liquid Glass

    AKA: Bryce-Trash. :p I wanted to make something like this. Chrome, and round against a featureless background. Sorry for the quality, MS Photo Editor is not good with resizing, that and GIMP takes 20 minutes to load up (three and a half actually), and it wasn’t open.

  • Aquatic Voyage

    After having Bryce 5 since September 15, and not knowing how to use it, I decided to look up how EXACTLY to use it. I came up with this here. :) That’s Aiko Toon saved as an expressionless immobile obj file (a virtual statue, if you will). I fooled around with Bryce, learned about it, and more will come out of it. :) Enjoy. :) Edit: Does anyone know the Jan Hammer song, Sunset? It works. ;)

  • Dreaming, Part Deux

    “Remake:” http://tourqeglare.deviantart.com/art/Dreaming-21794041 Quoted for good reason, I might put a more acurate one up soon with a different name. O ya, I hate my ‘featureless’ planet, and Im gonna try to do a more luscious one next time. Enjoy. :) Is that Shion? lol

  • Ride

    Was messing around at my buddy’s house with the stuff he purchased that I don’t have myself. (The pale green graininess on her pants and stuff was done purposely. Dont like it? Tough tinkies. :D Its a windows reflection of the cosmos ((The texture used was the Hubble deep field actually))) I think it has a very Star Wars feel, you agree? Come on and take a ride on the rays of the sun… The CD Floating off to the side? Go snag it, its a good record (track 5 especially) http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00006GOFI/?tag=buzz0f-20

  • The City

    Inspired by an exelent song by Vangelis, “The Procession” is the song title, “The City” is the album.

  • Walkway

    I let my imagination run a little too wild here. Its just over the line of being “so spectacular its crap.” Just over though, because its still good. That and… logic apparently doesn’t apply. One girl is floating weightlessly, and the other is walking in a lavender skirt. How illogical… …Actually, there could be a good reason, if you have read one of my GG stories, but its not really feasible here… I made this to test DAZ|Studio 1.7’s new features. That and Bryce 5.5’s render features. Download the pic to check out how sharp the pic is (minus the jpeg part). That’s the best Ive ever done in that category. :D Nebula’s really good too. Could be a bit more minimalistic.

  • Dirty Jobs Reaction

    Couldn’t resist, she just looks so damn funny. :) This was a remake of an earlier render made around March where Lora (the blond) was mortified about a sight on the TV. Probably over some crash or tragedy on World Most Amazing Videos (of which Sarra, purple hair, is a junkie for). I thought that a reaction on Dirty Jobs would be funnier. ;) Note, I would have said “Chopping up fish heads and extracting their poo for a solvent based mixture for cleaning up more poo from some alpaca, which the remains are then sent to a salt mine to be used as an explosive, and the minerals left are absorbed into the earth and fed to the fish who’s heads they chop up, and the circle of life continues.” But I clearly didn’t have enough room… :/

  • Homesick

    This was a test. Several tests actually. The planet, the reflection, the lighting, the bump mapping, no post work… The most major one was the nebula in back. I had read up on a subject pertaining to Bryce clouds, where you could make custom fluffz by stacking a bunch of balls together and giving them a cloud texture. Unfortunately I was looking at the render of the Neblurr ( mispronunciation of nebula by ~4evrData ) in a window that reduced the image to about 20% of its full size. It looks great from afar, but it looks like orange bug guts on the window at a normal size. Oh well, enjoy. I may do a remake soon, I don’t know. No promises.

  • The Vista

    The inspiration behind this pic was a song by Hydroid called Sonate. Its a peaceful trance song that just works with urban night time.

  • Fatality

    Kontrary (spelled with a ‘K’, get it?) to the pic itself, throughout my whole life, I have probably crammed less then 45 minutes into actual Mortal Kombat play. Sure, I own the second one on Genesis, and I had the first one… I think… but that doesnt matter. I crammed more fighting into both Street Fighter II and Soul Caliber combined (two hours each for my whole life) My main fighting games are Virtua Fighter 4 and Smash Bros. Sarah Bryant and Mario, myself, and those two kick ass.

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