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Bet You Didn't Know These 3 Religious Facts! Number 3 Is Shocking!

Have you ever wondered why someone would worship Satan?

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1. The Pentagram isn't actually evil

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If you've ever accidentally watched a conspiracy video, you've probably seen the pentagram as well as a Christian commenting "The pentagram is satanic!!!" In Actuality, the pentagram symbolizes the way Jesus was nailed to the cross, one nail for his head, two for his wrists, and two for his ankles, it is meant to represent Jesus's sacrifice and the connection to god. If the pentagram is turned upside down that's when it represents Bephomet, a Satanic figure. It also represents the 5 elements in Wiccan Ideology (Fire, water, air, earth, and spirit) and the 5 elements in Chinese mythology (Earth, fire, wood, metal, and water.)

2. Paganism is still practiced today and it's not satanic.

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Paganism is a very old religion, it came long before christianity. A lot of people will practice paganism today, while others will practice "Neo-paganism" religions, that stem from Paganism but aren't nessecarily pagan. Like Hellenism which worships the Hellenist aka Greek mythology gods as real gods. There's also Wicca in which you can worship any god from any religion and follow some old pagan rules.

3. Satanism is a real religion and it's not evil.

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There are two forms of Satanism and neither are particularly evil. The first form is Levayen Satanism, which is a form of extreme atheism where Satan is used as the figure head because Satan taught Adam/Eve critical thinking. Lavayens don't actually believe in Satan. The Second form is traditional Satanism in which the Christian god is seen as evil for giving us feelings like lust and then punishing us for acting on them, mean while Satan is kind because he accepts all people regardless of what they've done.

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