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Signs You Actually Got Your Degree In Psychology Or Sociology

This is for all the people out there who actually know the difference between the two, written by someone who has their degree in both. :D

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1. You Know Exactly Who This Man Is

And you get tired of hearing about him from people who took an intro to psych class to meet a humanities requirement their freshman year. We get it, Freudian slip haha, he was a cocaine user who had some pretty weird mommy issues that he projected on others. But he DID pave the way for other people to disprove some of his theories, and some of his science still holds true.

3. You Are More Comfortable Talking About Sex Than Most People

Orgasms, how you have them, who you have them with, what turns you on, why does it turn you on, etc. You can look at sex a lot more clinically than your friends who work for Wells Fargo.

4. When Someone Who Isn't a Client Starts Telling You Their Issues...

Even more so if they are someone you are dating. I don't want to know what is wrong with you, you're ruining my dinner. But yes, I already have you analyzed because you either said "Don't try to get in my head" or you started telling me how your father used to spank you as a child.

5. Some People Think You Can Prescribe Them Medication & Ask You To, Even If You Just Met

And if you didn't decide to go the psychiatrist route, you have to explain to them every time that you are not, nor will you ever be able to do that. Although you probably know several people who can.

6. You Knew When You Declared Your Major, You Were In It For the Long Haul

Psychology and Sociology aren't easy fields to make a name for yourself in, especially if you only get your bachelors. Most people who choose these fields know that a masters and possibly a doctorate are the only way to progress.

7. When People Compare "Multiple Personality Disorder" and Schizophrenia You Tense Up

And then launch into an explanation about how not only is that completely incorrect, but also that it isn't even CALLED that anymore, and hasn't been, for over a decade.

9. It Bothers You When People Use the Word "Crazy" Flippantly

You understand that most people don't understand what is true abnormal and what may cause it, but making fun of someone for things they can't help is not okay.

10. You Know That Gender Is Not Black and White

Some people are born male and feel like men. Some people are born female and feel like women. But then again some people are born male and feel like women and some people are born female and feel like men. There is a really broad spectrum here.

11. You Know That Some Case Studies Are Precious Accidents

When Phineas Gage had a spike go through his brain his doctor could literally touch his fingers together THROUGH HIS HEAD. Phineas lived, but with a drastic change in his personality, giving doctors of the time a chance to see how damage to certain parts of the brain can effect a persons mood and behavior. While his accident was a tragedy Phineas Gage was a scientist's wet dream

12. You Also Know That Case Studies Can Come From Other Fields

Pavlov was researching digestion, the drooling thing just happened to be a happy side note. Pretty sweet that he noticed it and decided to do research regarding conditioning as well!

13. You Know That Ethics Can Get In the Way of a Good Experiment

Ethics are a researchers best friend. We have all had the conversation about how great it would be if we could just do the experiments we want to do on people just so we can prove that old nature v nurture debate previously mentioned once and for all, but thanks to some of our forefathers we learned that without ethics, we can permanently scar others for the rest of their lives.

18. You Threw a Party When This Came Out

Even if it was just you, reading the new entries, the changed definitions and symptoms, the disappearance of the Axis system, while drinking a glass of wine in your pajamas. It was a party! It took so long to arrive!

19. When Bad Things Happen You Immediately Start Analyzing the Situation

And in cases where there are mass shootings you ask why no one got the shooter help before it got to that point, because there are ALWAYS signs.

20. You Also See the Best in a Bad Situation

You know that people disconnect from each other pretty easily, but when bad things happen you see the love and peace and support that you wish the world always had.

21. Sometimes Your Sense of Humor Can Be a Little... Dark to Say the Least

I once had a professor who told us about a crime scene investigation he went to where someone had hung themselves from a fan blade. There were two light switches on the wall and as the day wore on and it got darker someone asked a rookie to turn on the light. One of the switches was the light, the other the fan. The rookie did the only thing that she could... Eenie Meenie Minee Moe... Luckily she chose right and everyone got a little bit of a laugh.

Sometimes when you are surrounded by darkness you have to make fun of it just to not end up losing yourself.

22. But You Are on the Edge, Exploring New Frontiers

I had a different professor who told me that the best thing that could happen when starting a research project was to discover find out that there wasn't a lot of research already done on the subject. Why? Because that meant that the research that I did would be going somewhere that humanity hadn't been before.

23. And At the End of the Day, We're Just Trying to Make the World a Better Place

I do not know a single person who, when asked why they chose to go into the field of either Psychology or Sociology said "for the fame and the money." We are the ones who want to make the world better for everyone, one step at a time, even if it kills us.

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