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8 Things Only 90s Kids Will Understand

The nostalgia. I can't.

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1. Mexico's 19th Decade Of Independence

2. Buying A Calendar That Had 1-9-9 As Its First Four Digits

3. Drinking Milk That Would Have Been Over 15 Years Past Its Expiration Date If You Drank It In 2014

4. June E. O'Neill's Tenure As Director Of The Congressional Budget Office

5. Writing Down A Year From 1990-1999 On Your Homework And Having A 10% Chance Of It Being Correct

6. Watching Someone In France Pay For Something With Francs And Not Thinking "That's An Outdated Form Of Currency!"

7. Waking Up Every Morning And Wondering If The UK Had Transferred Its Sovereignty Over Hong Kong To China Yet

8. Sitting On The Ol' Tire Swing And Thinking "I'm Currently Living In The 1990s! I Wonder What Fun Possibilities Await Me In The 2000s!" And Then Having Your Mom Ring A Bell And Holler, "Oh, Chil'run! It's Supper Time And Also 1998!"

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