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Which Crack House Member Are You?

Do you wanna know more about us, date us (probably not), or be us? Well look no further, we have just the quiz for you!

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  1. How fast can you chug a La Croix at 4:30 am?

    Who chugs La Croix at 4:30 am?
    I have to drink it slow cause it'll make me burp
    .00004 seconds
    I prefer water at 4:30 am
    I don't like La Croix
    5 minutes
    A little bit slower than Olivia's plant
    Like not chug a La Criox at 4:30 am
  2. Do you have pee fright?

    No, but I have a couple stories on queue
    No take my picture
    It's a curse
    Depends if the seal is broken
    Depends on who it is in front of
    Only when we talk about pee fright
    What's that?
  3. Who's your daddy?

    Papa John
    I've never had Papa Johns
    haha daddy
    I don't know, still searching
    Papa Juan
    Ex-Camaro Owner
    Papa Johns as well
  4. Can you run a 5K?

    If there is salami at the finish line
    Multiply it by 8.43 and then we're talking
    Uh yes
    Yes, also in .00004 seconds
    I can, but my knees don't bend
    No I'll throw up
    Nope, wait jk I have
  5. What's your favorite utensil?

    Butter knife
    Soup spoon
    Spork, best of both worlds
    Fork fo sho
    Mini spoons at Coldstone
  6. Pick a celeb crush

    Sam Claflin
    Dan Girardi
    Mark Wahlberg (with scruff)
    Zac Efron
    Milo Ventimiglia
    Will Farrell...who else?
    Liam Hemsworth
    Chase Crawford
  7. Favorite drunk food

    Onion Rings
    Papa Johns
    I'll eat anything
    French toast
    Mozz stix
    Hint of lime tostitos fo sho
    The pepperoncini pepper that comes with a Papa John's pizza
  8. Favorite White Mountain flavor

    Cookie Monster with Reeses on top
    Coffee Heath Bar Yogurt
    Cookies Monster
    Death by Chocolate ;)
    Black Raspberry Chip with extra white chocolate chips
    Mint Chocolate Chip
    Mint Paddy
    Brownie Batter
  9. If you could take back one night at BC what would it be?

    The night I got carried out of Wonder Bar
    Eating 3 hotdogs at the Clemson game
    Jersey Night
    March 17, 2016; 5:50 am; Logan Airport
    MJ's surprise party
    The night I burped on an insta live feed
    O-Unholy Night post midnight
    That time I held hands with someone from Gerald to Fenwick
  10. Go to shower song

    Say You Won't Let Go
    Kill The Lights
    You and Me (ft. sinthya)
    Anything Future
    Peanut Butter Jelly
    All of The Lights
    Anything J-Biebs
    My thoughts are loud enough (no music)
  11. If you could relive one night what would it be?

    September 29th, 2016
    The night our palm tree cooler got stolen (eh hem...)
    Superbowl LI
    The night we learned the can dance
    MJ's surprise party
    Birthday Sets on the Beach
    Pao-Lett Me Love You
    Anytime at Agoro's
  12. What would happen to you?

    Get stuck in the McGuinn elevator... alone
    Accidentally ordering 8 marathon Monday long sleeves
    Waking up in a strange location
    Seeing a cute boy in curlers
    Falling of the Plex stairs machine
    Punching a hole through a screen to throw up
    Falling down stairs and ripping my pants
    Pulling trig the morning of a stat final! #chocho
  13. Favorite saying

    Say no more famine
    Ay Papi
    Any obscenity
    Can we discuss the fact that...
    I can't breathe
    Oh my goshhhh
    Amazon Prime it

Which Crack House Member Are You?

You got: Annie

Congrats, you got Annie! You are the resident DJ of the group, always bumpin the toons for the weekend. You're also down for anything, except a 5K.

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You got: MJ

Congrats, you got MJ! You're the comedian of the group, always making others (but mostly yourself) laugh. You also have an uncanny ability to recognize any song within the first 3 seconds and make a bomb ass mixie.

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You got: Helene

Congrats, you got Helene! You have an angelic exterior, but can spit the lyrics to any rap song on the spot. Did someone say can dance? Say no more famine.

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You got: Emily

Congrats, you got Emily! You typically find yourself in absurd situations, yet always find a way to finagle yourself out of it. You're even willing to finagle your way out of class a little early on Thursdays to go out!

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You got: Olivia

Congrats, you got Olivia! You're the partner in crime for just about anything. You are tiny, but you are mighty and have mastered the "frat star" chug and butt flip cup!

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You got: Sam

Congrats, you got Sam! You are always ready to go out, and never turn down a shot. Even when you take an L, you always bounce back. Rock on!

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You got: Megan

Congrats, you got Megan! You're the mom of the friend group, but you aren't afraid to pull trig the morning of a final. You come prepared because you know exactly what you need!

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You got: Maggie

Congrats, you got Maggie! Your roommates may not see you for 48 hours, but living confirmation is made via a thriving snap story. It's always a crazy night spent with you!

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