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    10 Situations Coffee Lovers Can Relate To

    Do you wake up thinking about coffee? Do you daydream about it? Whether you love coffee or loveeeee coffee, here are ten things that any coffee drinker will relate to.

    1. The first sip of coffee is the best part of your morning routine.

    2. Your favorite coworker is the coffee maker.

    3. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee smells like heaven.

    4. Being unable to relate to someone that says they don’t like coffee.

    5. One cup of coffee is never enough.

    6. You’re always gifted coffee mugs from family and friends.

    7. Those cringeworthy moments when someone pronounces espresso as “expresso.”

    8. Using your coffee mug as a hand warmer during winter.

    9. You sometimes find yourself searching for new coffee recipes.

    10. When life happens, coffee is always there to help.