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    Why It Would Have Totally Rocked To Be A Huxtable

    Claire and Cliff Huxtable were arguably the best parents in the history of television. Who wouldn't want to be their kid?

    You would have been able to get yourself out of any medical or legal situation

    Your dad would have worn the BEST sweaters and given zero fucks about it

    You would have had parents who were still madly in love

    ...and stinkin' adorable about it

    Your parents would have been totally okay with you having a friend named, "Cockroach"

    Your parents would have taught you the value of a dollar even though you were filthy rich

    Your parents knew how to have fun without embarrassing you in the process (they just made it look so damn good)

    Your parents would have been the cool ones that your friends would actually want to hang out with

    You would have had fun ALL the time


    Your two seemingly-mixed-and-definitely-not-related-to-you-at-all sisters would have been a non issue

    Your hair would have been INCREDIBLE

    and last, but certainly not least...

    Bill Fucking Cosby

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