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5 Online Shopping Hacks That You Probably Never Heard Before

Are you an online shopping addict? Well, due to that, it’s very easy to splurge and spend recklessly. And yes, there are many hacks available online for you to save on money and time. As an online shopping lover myself, asides from the mainstream hacks, I’ve noticed some shopping tricks that you probably never heard before.

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1. Buy on App


Websites such as Airasia, Lazada, Qoo10 and more often offer exclusive discounts when you’re buying via their app. It’s their marketing strategy to promote consumers to shop more on app so don’t waste the opportunity.

2.Leave your products on shopping cart


After adding your products to the cart, leave it for a couple of days. Chances are the online store will send you a special coupon to encourage you to complete the purchase. Even if they are not offering such service, you’ll usually get notification when the products you’ve chose get a drop in price. Well, if you need a coupon immediately and are not willing to wait, coupons website is the perfect place to start.

3.Price Comparison Website


If you’re an avid online shopper, chances are you’ll notice most of the websites are selling the same stuff with different prices.

Price comparison website is still a new “thing” in Asia. Most of us are still not familiar with this concept but it’s actually very easy. Not only prices but delivery duration and payment methods to make sure you’re getting the best deal ever, helping you to save both money and time.

4.Credit card as your main payment method


Credit card offers better cashbacks and rewards compare to debit card. Although the benefits of using debit card are growing, it’s still hard to beat the rewards you’ll be getting by purchasing with a credit card. Of course, it easily beat out other payment methods such as bank transfer and COD.

5.You probably want to avoid shopping on big sale day…


As an avid online shopper, there’re times I kept it on my mind the prices of the products I’m intending to buy or used to buy before. There are cases in which I plan to make the second purchase on huge sale day only to discover the seller marked up the price which is disappointing. However, it’s only applicable to certain cases.

You still can get the cheapest deal, but probably not everything and you need to be aware of that.

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