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Which 718 Roomate Are You?

Do you love the gal pals of NAVS 718? Which one are you? Let's find out.

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  1. What's you favorite snack

    Sweet Potatoes
  2. Where do you like to nap?

    On the white couch no matter who is in the room
    In your bed
    In your shoes
    In a stream of sunlight coming in from the window, similar to a cat
  3. How often do you go to class?

    Everyday, Friday questionable
    Everyday at 8 am
    Majority of the week, but not always
    Enough to have a crush in each class
  4. How generous are you with your laughter?

    You laugh before the joke is even said
    You have to earn it, plebeian
    Only if you've had your coffee
    Hard and often
  5. Can you light a match?

    Hecks yea, on my teeth
    Only over the sink with running water
    Why is this a question
    If you psych yourself up enough
  6. Where can you be found on game day?

    Putting fruit in a tupperware at a fraternity
    At the game the whole time, no questions
    At your favorite fraternity
    Getting a wristband last minute from a random frat
  7. How many L's are in your name?

    All of them
    A reasonable amount
    Only if you count my last name
  8. What is your reaction to a mysterious unesse-scary painting left outside the front door?

    Hang it up
    Ignore it
    Morph into a detective
  9. How many crushes do you have?

    COW (crush of the week)
    Every time you talk to a boy in the elevator
    COD (crush of the day)
    One tried and true crush
  10. How are you spending your summer?

    Wishing you were at camp
    FASET, duuuuuuh
    Yeeting around Europe
    Avoiding meth heads in Kentucky

Which 718 Roomate Are You?

You got: Heather Smith

You got Heather! You are type A with a little bit of spunk. Self proclaimed funniest member of the apt, frequently spotted drinking a hot beverage and leaving the mug out. You love FASET and also healthy food.

Heather Smith
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You got: Llewellyn Weeks

You got Llewellyn! You can sleep anywhere, any time, no matter who is there. You bring an even keeled spirit everywhere you go. Initiator of all apt dance parties, you are a blast to be around always.

Llewellyn Weeks
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You got: Healey Sample

You got Healey! Everything you do is loud and proud! Most notably eating pretzels and spitting toothpaste out of your mouth. You are the most excitable member of 718, and you love being silly! Your passion for GT and North Carolina is infectious.

Healey Sample
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You got: Whitney Lehrer

You got Whitney! You live for the joke and the spice of life. You also bang on the keys while you type on your laptop. You are madly in love with Norm from Great British Bake Off and also sometimes cry on the bus when they turn off the music. GAH.

Whitney Lehrer
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