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You Need To See Julia Louis-Dreyfus's Faces At Her Son's College Basketball Game

Thank you, camera operators.

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A very special thing happened at the Rutgers v. Northwestern game last week.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus was seen cheering in the stands for her son Charlie Hall.

He's a freshman walk-on for Northwestern's basketball team and is currently playing in the Big Ten tournament.

And once the camera found her, it didn't leave. In fact, they summoned a split-screen that didn't leave JLD's side for 20 whole seconds.

Twenty quite GLORIOUS seconds, which I've isolated for your viewing enjoyment.

In which we meet a bunch of new Julias.

There's Julia "Cool Mom Just Sneaking A Photo" Louis-Dreyfus.

Julia "Frantic Ball Movement" Louis-Dreyfus.

Julia "Nervous Excitement" Louis-Dreyfus.

Julia "Let's Go!" Louis-Dreyfus.

Julia "Hello Darkness, My Old Friend" Louis-Dreyfus.

Julia "Get Up Out Of Your Chair" Louis-Dreyfus.

And finally, Julia "Super-Proud Mom" Louis-Dreyfus.

Watch Julia's faces in action below.

You earned this @NUMensBball's Charlie Hall. And, @OfficialJLD, we love your reactions in the split screen.

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