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    The Best Restaurants For Vegans In Every State In The USA, According To Yelp

    We've got you covered from Alaska to Florida, Hawaii to Maine.

    Brooke Greenberg / BuzzFeed / Via Images via Yelp

    With vegan options sweeping the nation in 2019, I reached out to Yelp to show us how to figure out the top vegan restaurant in each state. Below you'll find the top restaurant for vegans in each state, as decided by the good people at Yelp. Note that a few of the featured restaurants aren't fully vegan, but have been chosen by Yelp as the top-reviewed vegan option. Much more on Yelp's methodology at the end of the post. Now, on to the restaurants!

    1. Alabama: The Sunflower Cafe

    Location: Fairhope, Alabama

    Rave review: "First of all, the service was amazing! As a rather new vegan, I appreciated the waiter's assistance in ordering. This probably is the prettiest salad I have ever had! The vegan Reuben was made with tempeh. Very nutty taste. I enjoyed it very much. Thankful for vegan choices!!! Thankful for great service!" β€”Kathleen S.

    Note that this is not a fully vegan restaurant, but has vegan options.

    2. Alaska: Middle Way Cafe

    Location: Anchorage, Alaska

    Rave review: "A lot of vegan options in this neat little cafΓ©. Nice atmosphere, clean, friendly people working here. I got the vegan Reuben and the avocado sandwich and a side salad added blackened tofu. The vegan Reuben was great." β€”Steve H.

    Note that this is not a fully vegan restaurant, but has vegan options.

    3. Arizona: Tumerico Vegetarian Food

    Location: Tuscon, Arizona

    Rave review: "Not just good VEGAN food β€” GOOD FOOD, period! Now we know where vegan heaven is: 2526 E. 6th Street in Tucson, Arizona, better known as Tumerico.

    After being greeted and standing transfixed before the chalkboard menu, I could not decide what to order because everything looked delicious, and finally asked for a recommendation, which was the Cuban tacos: two tacos, carnita jackfruit, garlic-cilantro sauce, and 'all powers.' After paying for my order, I was treated, as are all diners, to complimentary drip coffee and soup while waiting for my food to appear.

    When the meal was over, I couldn't resist buying a glazed donut (also vegan and made for Tumerico by a local bakery), refilling my coffee mug and lingering over that sweet conclusion to a remarkable meal." β€” Lynn P.

    4. Arkansas: MeMe's Twisted Potato

    Location: Little Rock, Arkansas

    Rave review: "WOW. We're so glad we spotted MeMe's on Yelp and made the trip over. MeMe's Twisted Potato is a humble little eatery tucked away in Little Rock that serves the BEST vegan soul we've ever had the pleasure to taste! There might be a bit of a wait, but it's well worth it β€” this is a farm-to-table (yes, she farms and cooks the majority of her menu options), made from scratch, and fresh-to-order one-woman show!

    Fried to perfection and tossed in a sweet, tangy sauce, the cauliflower wings alone are worth the trip to MeMe's! The zucchini fries were the best I've ever had, and the sauce that accompanies it is a wonderful, creamy addition. The Boss Hookem burger was equally incredible. Toasted brioche buns, fresh veggies, a moist and perfectly patty, and another incredible mystery sauce -- what more can you ask for?

    Don't miss this diamond in the rough! From the warm and friendly staff to their delectable menu item, you can't go wrong with MeMe's!" β€”Mel J.

    5. California: The Sun Vegan

    Location: Fountain Valley, California

    Rave review: "Being half Asian, it's very difficult to find comfort foods that don't contain pork, and even more so-an entire restaurant that caters to my Asian food preferences. The Sun Vegan makes just about everything I miss and they make it well! My husband ordered pho, which was AMAZEBALLS! Dare I say better than regular pho. I was so surprised by how good it was that I ate half of his bowl plus my own entree of spicy lemongrass 'chicken,' which was also very tasty β€” but that pho, YUM! I'm still thinking about it today...

    The restaurant itself is super clean. The owners are so lovely and sweet. We ordered, two entrees, two appetizers, and a pot of tea. The total was less than $35. I could have easily split one entree with my husband. You do get a large bang for your buck here. We will definitely be back." β€”Michelle R.

    6. Colorado: Piante Pizzeria

    Location: Breckenridge, Colorado

    Rave review: "Everything is vegan, but what makes this place extra special is that they do not use use fake processed cheese-like substances, but make their own from real food like nuts.

    We ordered the marinated olives and baguette. There were so many olives we could add them to our DMT (mushroom medley) pizza. OMG sooo good. The crust was amazing. I see why they offer dipping sauce. We definitely plan to go back." β€”Faith T.

    7. Connecticut: Ninth Square Market Too Caribbean Style

    Location: New Haven, Connecticut

    Rave review: "Stopped in recently with two friends who are vegetarian and was blown away by the flavors in the food and the friendly people working there. Love that I can pick what I want on my plate and the portion size was massive.

    Everything was fresh and delicious with a solid spice that had a bite but wasn't overpowering. I will definitely be back again. Such a casual and low-key spot where the focus is on great and healthy foods. Give them a try if you're in the area. Even if you're a meat eater, give it a shot β€” you'll be glad you did." β€”Seth L.

    8. Delaware: Daily Veg

    Location: Wilmington, Delaware

    Rave review: "Everything here is so delicious. The staff is very nice and the place is always very clean. It's so great to have a healthy but still yummy option for eating out. I've had the smoothies, smoothie bowls, burgers, sausages, soups, desserts and all have been great! Oh, and the milkshakes are too." β€”Hard A.

    9. Florida: Vegan & Juice

    Location: Miami, Florida

    Rave review: "This place blew me AWAY! From the outside, I have to be honest, it looks meh β€” but when I walked in the menu was spot-on. I recommend this spot for more of a grab-and-go more than a sit in. The menu is varied with a burst of fruits and vegetables. There are fresh juices combos that are just amazing! I am definitely coming back to try them ALL. I got the reggae juice and the avocado wrap. The wrap was the best wrap I have EVER had. I am definitely coming back." β€”Aldana A.

    10. Georgia: Fox & Fig

    Location: Savannah, Georgia

    Rave review: "Located next to one of Savannah's famous squares, Fox & Fig offers an eclectic vegan menu, beverages, and cute decor. We opted to sit outside both mornings and loved how relaxing this area of Savannah was.

    The food is really good and would be much loved by any person (carnivore and vegan alike). They serve food that is meant to be vegan, rather than serving a meal that looks like someone just removed the meat. We tried a few different items, all different, all delicious. I thought the spicy seitan was suuuper delicious, definitely spicy, but soooo good. My husband loved the tostadas verde, which is essentially a fancy-topped avocado toast. The food is fresh, plant-based, and it's more than just soy products." β€”Maggie R.

    11. Hawaii: What It Dough

    Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

    Rave review: "I am obsessed. I recently had to cut out dairy, and as someone of Mediterranean descent, that is tough! Add to the fact I'm from the East Coast, so I have unhealthy love of pizza and being dairy-free is soul-crushing. I recently discovered What It Dough. Thank god.

    We have ordered from there three times in the past 10 days. Considering they are only open Friday–Sunday that's a lot. And it will forever be my favorite vegan pizza. The ricotta is to die for! Seriously, we couldn't stop talking about how good it is. Honestly, my friend who is vegan double-checked to verify that it's vegan. It's that good! And their sesame seed crust...mouth-watering. I have yet to have a pizza I don't enjoy, but I am definitely partial to their white pizza. Also, they have vegan parm in shakers and it is amazing. I wish they sold it because I have never found parmesan like that in stores.

    I can't give this place enough love, as evidenced by the fact that I randomly pull up photos of their pizza the same way people show photos of their kids. You will not be disappointed!" β€”Lexie L.

    12. Idaho: High Note

    Location: Boise, Idaho

    Rave review: "Love, love, love this funky little gem! The food is fantastic and everything is vegan β€”Β even the beer and wine! I had the grilled cheese and tomato soup. The house-made bread was super tasty and it was the perfect meal on a blustery evening. The staff is really friendly and very familiar with the new menu. I also had the blueberry-basil lemonade, which was the perfect accompaniment." β€”Sondra K.

    13. Illinois: Loving Heart

    Location: Chicago, Illinois

    Rave review: "The experience is delightful from the moment you enter till the last taste off your spoon. The space is very clean, free water, and the host was very helpful when I was confused on what to order. She recommend the curry bowl and Korean BBQ and I'm so glad I did. It was very filling and flavorful. I will definitively pay a visit back soon!" β€”Juan Q.

    14. Indiana: Ezra's Enlightened Cafe

    Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

    Rave review: "If I had to describe Ezra's in one word it would simply be: amazing! My boyfriend introduced me to Ezra's a few weeks ago and I'm so thankful that he did! The only thing I have tried are their smoothie bowls...and I legit crave them. We actually went twice in one weekend because it is so yummy and filling! If you enjoy a good, hearty smoothie bowl full of fresh ingredients, then you need to give this place a shot. I can't wait to go back!" β€”Sarah B.

    15. Iowa: Dirt Burger

    Location: Des Moines, Iowa

    Rave review: "Very unique and yummy place. I'm glad there is an authentic place for vegans and staying true to form. Personally I am not a vegan but I enjoyed many things from the menu, especially the dirt balls. The burgers you cannot tell the difference except the texture. Can't wait to try the rest of the menu!"β€” Twee D.

    16. Kansas: Lotus Leaf Cafe

    Location: Wichita, Kansas

    Rave review: "Sat outside in the patio. Was greeted right away. Ordered pumpkin appetizer, which was amazing! I'm not a huge fan of pumpkin but there was very little pumpkin flavor and the chips went perfectly with the taste! Tried black bean burger β€” that was also delicious (I subbed my chips for veggies since I already had chips and they are a must-try!) and a mango smoothie. Highly recommend their food!" β€”Diana A.

    17. Kentucky: Half-Peach Bakery & Cafe

    Location: St Matthews, Kentucky

    Rave review: "Delicious food! We had the sundae cake at our wedding shower and it was amazing. They also have the BEST chocolate chip cookies! We have been here many times and the chili cheese fries are always a go-to. They're so good! Both chicken sandwiches are also delicious. We have also gotten the pre-packaged meals from the fridge area before and they have always been really good. Grab them if they have them! Friendly staff and a nice, clean space." β€” Kelsey D.

    18. Louisiana: Sweet Soulfood

    Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

    Rave review: "Omgggggg so good. Everything. Is. So. Good. I went here last year at the original location and was treated with the utmost kindness and respect and got two full boxes of food and sat by myself and housed a full box to the face with no shame (don't worry, I ate the rest a couple hours later). Recently, I went with four non-vegan friends and everyone loved all of their food! Everything is amazing, but highlights are bread pudding (with caramel sauce!), Brussels sprouts, mac 'n' cheese, and collard greens." β€”Allison Y.

    19. Maine: The Green Elephant

    Location: Portland, Maine

    Rave review: "This is the go-to place for good quality vegetarian fare in Portland. The accommodation of my food preferences is consistently impeccable. No eggs? No problem! Dairy-free milk? Absolutely! I've been going here for almost four years, and cannot skip the chive dumplings or the Thai iced tea. My favorite entrΓ©es are the tikka masala and pad Thai with no egg, the spice and flavor are always perfect. I recommend this place anytime friends are coming into town." β€”Emily M.

    20. Maryland: Harmony Bakery

    Location: Baltimore, Maryland

    Rave review: "I just discovered this place on yelp while looking for a quick place to eat that's gluten-free. I was shocked that everything was completely GF and vegan! This is so rare coming from Boston to find two dietary restrictions catered in one location. The place was so cute and the food was amazing!! I got the mushroom calzone, which was everything. I was definitely a little hesitant at first but once I bit into it, the flavor made up for it. I would definitely recommend even if you're just passing through Baltimore on a road trip like I am!" β€”Samrana B.

    21. Massachusetts: Belmont Vegetarian Restaurant

    Location: Worcester, Massachusetts

    Rave review: "After trying everything they have to offer, I'm still amazed that this place is vegan. The BBQ 'chicken,' 'mac & cheese,' and all the other 'meats' tasted so real! My favorite was probably the above two and the (I think) chicken tikka masala. I shared a large plate and two of the pancakes with a friend and even that was too much for both of us. Both the pancakes were good, but we liked the lentil one more than the pumpkin one. Other customers there recommended the 'beef' over the 'chicken' one. For the next time we go, we probably will get less of the rice and beans and more of the meats." β€”Shani A.

    22. Michigan: Unburger Grill

    Location: Dearborn, Michigan

    Rave review: "This is typically my first stop every time I fly into Detroit. The only problem I have with this place is trying to figure out what I want each time I go there. The Beyond sausages are all great, the Ultimate burger is great....I just haven't had a chance to try them in all of their forms. The one non-negotiable every time is the Brussel sprouts and red potato hash. Have to get that every time. Service here is outstanding, too. Nothing but warm smiles and greetings from when you walk in the door to when you leave." β€”Steve W.

    23. Minnesota: Seed Cafe

    Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Rave review: "Such a good place β€” a great space/environment, awesome and friendly staff, and their food is pretty amazing as well. I had the breakfast burrito and it was delicious. Also, the day I visited I was able to overhear the owners/operators nearby having a little meeting about their menu. It was very inspiring to hear them discuss recipes and new menu additions. They were also super friendly and nice, which goes a long way in ingratiating a place to me. The space went from empty to nearly full just as I finished my food. If all vegan was this good, I'd have no problem being vegan. Well done, Seed Cafe! Great folks here and great food!" β€”Will R.

    24. Mississippi: Good Karma Cafe

    Location: Gulfport, Mississippi

    Rave review: "Awesome!!! I'm not vegan at all but I came here with a friend who was. The staff is so friendly and open. They took time to explain the menu and what their dishes contain. I had the mie-goreng noodles with a samosa and vegan soup. It was all delicious. I highly recommend checking them out if you're in the area." β€”Jameliah B.

    25. Missouri: Lulu's Local Eatery

    Location: Saint Louis, Missouri

    Rave review: "Lulu's is so delicious! Even for a non-vegan, they have great food! The menu changes seasonally. Some favorites have been the sushi bowl (made with watermelon!) and the tots. Their sauces are so good, especially the ranch and spicy aioli! Their buffalo cauliflower is also delicious. Service here is fast and friendly. When you're done eating, they have various bins for dishes, compost and recycling. It's very low (zero?)-waste. I appreciate the work that Lulu's does for the environment and the veg community of STL!" β€”Sarah S.

    26. Montana: Rebel Roots Kitchen

    Location: Whitefish, Montana

    Rave review: "Truly a hidden gem of the best kind. We saw the sidewalk sandwich board sign and went in. I ordered the rebel bowl, Thai soup (highly recommend!), pork 'rice' bowl, and fresh rolls. It was exactly the healthy but still hearty meal I wanted after the holiday carbo load. Can't wait to go back β€” wish we had this in Seattle!" β€”Sydney D.

    27. Nebraska: Modern Love

    Location: Omaha, Nebraska

    Rave review: "Ok listen. I like steak and chicken and all that jazz. BUT you must try Modern Love, meat-lover or not. They somehow have crafted the most perfect vegan menu, it would be an injustice not to try everything! Here are some of my faves: Sriracha honey cauliflower wings, nachos molo, and chana masala. The menu varies as ingredients change! The food is always delish (& vegan!!) and service is always a 10/10." β€”Sammy C.

    28. Nevada: Chef Kennys Asian Vegan Restaurant

    Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

    Rave review: "I took my three non-vegan friends for vegan sushi. We are light eaters, so ordering four different Vegan Special Rolls ($11 each) plus hot tea and dessert was all we needed. We all really enjoyed the flavors in the Crunchy Roll, Sexy Roll, and Rainbow Roll. We also ordered the Steak Sushi Roll and one person in our group of four said this was his favorite, but the rest of us who don't eat red meat didn't like the texture. For dessert we split something that looked like a crispy crepe with a scoop of vegan green tea ice cream. It was delicious!

    The next day we all agreed it would be fun to return and try the other sushi rolls and my picky-eater friend said, 'You mean those were vegan?' She thought she was eating seafood sushi the whole time!" β€” Patti C.

    29. New Hampshire: Susty's Cafe

    Location: Northwood, New Hampshire

    Rave review: "Amazing vegan and vegetarian restaurant in a beautiful part of New Hampshire! Friendly and with an authentic hippie vibe. If you're anywhere nearby, you should come by and check it out. They do both table service and take-out, and they have frozen entrees you can take home and enjoy!" β€”Brian C.

    30. New Jersey: Leaf

    Location: Haddonfield, New Jersey

    Rave review: "We came here today for lunch with four people! I highly recommend making a reservation if you are going to come here on the weekend. But wow this place was great! For the appetizer we got buffalo bites (fire) then for the main course we got the Southwest salad, tacos, pad Thai and a BLT. All dishes were delicious we had nothing bad to say about it! The waitstaff was so friendly and helpful. Because it was BYOB they brought over the wineglasses and bottle opener right away! Would definitely recommend this place for anyone, even if not vegan!" β€”Sarah R.

    31. New Mexico: An Hy Quan Vegetarian Restaurant

    Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Rave review: "I can't believe I've never reviewed this place. It's probably one of the best restaurants in ABQ. Authentic, local, healthy, vegan, AMAZING. As a carnivore, this place doesn't leave you wanting. The owner and staff are the best. I have probably been here 20 times and have never been disappointed. Give it a try or you'll be missing out." β€”Lyla T.

    32. New York: Jajaja

    Location: New York, New York

    Rave review: "Jajaja is just a really solid vegan place, the likes of which you can bring your non-vegan friends to and they won't complain because the food here is just super good. I would know, I'm a dastardly meat-eater myself. While their prices are much more Soho than Chinatown, at least you get, like, two tacos for your $8. Big fan of their buffalo flower tacos, with tempura'd cauliflower that not only tastes great but looks super cute too (get it and you'll see). Also enjoyed their verde enchiladas, which had just enough kick and some great meaty 'palm carnitas' filling. There are three hot sauces on the table, all with varying amounts of satisfying kick (including a charcoal one, which is a little weird but tastes great so who am I to judge)." β€”Jenna I.

    33. North Carolina: Plant

    Location: Asheville, North Carolina

    Rave review: "Best vegan food I've ever had. Everything is just done so well and so thoughtfully. My only complaint would be I was still pretty hungry a few hours later, but it's just not the kind of place where the purpose is to get a full belly. Really amazing creative dishes. Each dish I was just blown away by the careful combination of flavors that created some sort of mind-blowing masterpiece. The cheeses were great and repeated in some of the dishes we ordered. We got the cheese plate, CBD ravioli, rabe, raw lasagna, and a chocolate pie. I appreciated that the pesto wasn't garlic-heavy, it was made with pistachio and an excellent combination of herbs. I just hate when restaurants overuse garlic. Chocolate pie was amazing. Half-price wine bottles on Wednesday! But be prepared to spend a lot. Definitely a special-occasion kind of place, and it really was :)" β€”Elisa P.

    34. North Dakota: India Palace

    Location: Fargo, North Dakota

    Rave review: "I ordered all vegan. They were very kind and helpful with my questions. A lot of restaurants and their staff can act annoyed with all the questions you have to make sure everything is 100% vegan. These people were more than kind to make sure I got what I needed. And the food was amazing! Great spot, great food, great staff." β€”Kenny B.

    Note that this is not a fully vegan restaurant, but has vegan options.

    35. Ohio: Earth Bistro Cafe

    Location: Cleveland, Ohio

    Rave review: "They're rated the best vegan restaurant in Ohio and I agree! I love that any dish on the menu can be made vegan and I will personally testify β€”Β it does not sacrifice the flavor! I was so happy with my dish and it's great for a mixed group (meat-eaters and non-meat-eaters will be satisfied). The location is cute and a quick walk from a nice strip of businesses and bars. Definitely check it out if you're on the fence!" β€”Travis S.

    36. Oklahoma: The Loaded Bowl

    Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    Rave review: "Not just a place for vegans! Although if you are a plant-based eater, you definitely need to know about this place. Eating vegan in OKC can be pretty tough sometimes β€” lots of salads, sides of veggies, garbage fruit cups β€” but here is a place with lots of options and no meat or dairy in sight. The cashew mac is out of this world, and you can't do much better than the Down Home bowl (my regular order), which combines the mac with a healthy helping of LB's smoky, tangy, and delicious barbecue." β€”Andrew B.

    37. Oregon: Supernova Vegan

    Location: Portland, Oregon

    Rave review: "Tasty tasty tasty! We got the Space Cowboy, the fish tacos, a side of Mac and Chz, and oh man! Did I mention everything was tasty?? Bruh, eat here. It'll make your lungs scream 'YAS queen! while your lips are smiling away. Bonus points for being next to Back to Eden Bakery, where you can round out those hips with some vegan dessert! Now go get some!" β€”Scott R.

    38. Pennsylvania: Goldie

    Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Rave review: "One of my favorite lunch spots in the city! You definitely need to get there early, there is always a line. But it is worth the wait!

    I like the salad but the pita sandwich is my usual go-to. The falafel is one of the best around and is always light and fluffy, never dry. They offer a few different types of sauces for the sandwich. The original or the harissa tahini are my usual go-to's, but they are all delicious.

    The 'bag of balls' is also a nice size for lunch β€” you get a bag of falafel with dipping sauce. The seasoned fries are also awesome. You really can't go wrong for a delicious lunch." β€”Rebecca L.

    39. Rhode Island: Garden Grille

    Location: Pawtucket, Rhode Island

    Rave review: "Whether you're a vegetarian, flexitarian, or meat-eater seeking quality food, look no further because this spot is epic. The ability of the vegetarian meat substitutes like seitan to masquerade as actual meat is unreal because so much flavor is packed in and everything is cooked to perfection. Personally, I am not a vegetarian but would come back here often if I could.

    The food is well-priced and the portions are the perfect size. We ordered the butternut squash quesadilla, Korean tacos, and lentil tostadas. The Korean tacos were out of this world! They had everything β€” a touch of salty, crunchy cabbage to compliment the savory, saucy seitan. I have never experienced a more flavorful and actually downright delicious piece of seitan β€” what sorcery is this? Usually I find quesadillas to be pretty similar across the board, but this one really is light-years ahead of all other quesadillas β€” a true classic dish. The cheese and the butternut squash mix together amazingly! It tastes so fresh and light, despite the hefty portion size.

    Garden Grille isn't in the greatest location, but I assure you it's worth venturing out for the quality of the noms. Completely taken aback and unexpectedly delicious." β€”Jessica F.

    40. South Carolina: Dellz Uptown

    Location: Charleston, South Carolina

    Rave review: "Ever since I moved to the Westside neighborhood, Dellz has been my favorite go-to lunch spot. When I walk in, I'm always greeted with a big smile and a welcoming vibe. This restaurant has a wonderful assortment of different vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. There are so many different wraps, I am working my way through trying all of the vegetarian ones! They are amazing!

    Dellz also has salads, gluten-free pizzas, smoothies, juices, and so much more. The environment is very laid-back and friendly, with board games and card games on the tables. I'm so happy that this restaurant is right around the corner. If you get a chance to check it out, you will not be disappointed." β€”Ted K.

    41. South Dakota: Devine Delights

    Location: Rapid City, South Dakota

    Rave review: "This is such a cute little vegan spot! Everything they have available for purchase is completely vegan! Their products range from sandwiches to cinnamon rolls, cookies, and ice cream! I was super excited to find out that this place existed, especially since I am traveling out of town with my family and I'm the only vegan member. The owner was so sweet and welcoming. He stated that his wife does all the baking, shout-out to her because it's incredible! I was overwhelmed with excitement at all of the ice cream flavors that were available! I got the peanut butter chocolate chip as well as the chocolate with peanut butter Oreos. The ice cream is super soft and so sweet. I highly highly, HIGHLY recommend this cute spot!" β€”Meg C.

    42. Tennessee: The Southern V

    Location: Nashville, Tennessee

    Rave review: "LOVED The Southern V!! Had a chance to check this place out on a recent work trip to Nashville. I'm sad that we discovered it near the end of our trip because I definitely would have come back again if I had more time. On this trip I was able to check out a few of Nashville's top-rated vegan restaurants and The Southern V was definitely my favorite and top recommendation.

    I had the Nashville Hot Chik'n Sandwich and it was! Sooo good, and spicy! My friend tried the regular non-spicy sandwich and loved it as well. I also had a side of mac 'n' cheez, which was also great, and my friend had the cole slaw which was also really tasty. The vibe of the restaurant was cool, kind of hipstery, I don't know the neighborhood well enough to know if it reflects this side of town but overall atmosphere was cool and hip, and the staff were friendly and helpful. Overall I would definitely recommend The Southern V as a must-try, especially for what Nashville's famous for β€” the Nashville Hot Chik'n Sandwich! Don't skip out on checking this place out! It's delicious!" β€”Stephanie V.

    43. Texas: Li'l Nonna's

    Location: Austin, Texas

    Rave review: "My fave vegan pizza in Austin! I'm pretty sure I would post up at this location just to have pizza all day. So thankful for this option. It's a household favorite (next to making our own)! Try all the slices and specials when you can. The crust has a great crunch to it and if you like that thin-crust appeal, you will love this place even more!" β€”Elisa R.

    44. Utah: Buds

    Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

    Rave review: "This place is a vegan dream!! I got the deli classic and oooo let me tell you, it was amazing. I got it on the sourdough with Dijon. I felt the staff was so kind and passionate about what they were doing. Kind smiles from the staff goes a long way! The zucchini cookie is a must. A MUST!! Paired with the BBQ chips. I left with leftovers. So full and happy. What a wonderful spot!" β€”Allie W.

    45. Vermont: Revolution Kitchen

    Location: Burlington, Vermont

    Rave review: "Wow! Start to finish, this was an amazing dining experience. Service was great and the food was exceptional. We tried the nachos, seitan picatta, stir-fry, and a few desserts and all of them were so, so good. It was the best fine-dining vegan food I have ever had. I wish I lived in Burlington so I could go back!" β€”Joanna F.

    46. Virginia: Phoenix Garden Vegetarian Restaurant

    Location: Richmond, Virginia

    Rave review: "WOW. WOW. WOW. By far the best vegan pho I've ever had! I was blown away by the about of flavor the broth had. They also included three types of 'meat,' all of which were very tasty and made the pho that much better. I also ordered the spring rolls and those did not disappoint either! This is my new go-to in Richmond, just wish I lived closer!" β€”Casey B.

    47. Washington: Harvest Beat

    Location: Seattle, Washington

    Rave review: "This truly was a dining experience. I really appreciated the sustainability of the meal that this restaurant calls attention to. We need more of this! As our world changes around us, it's humbling to see an establishment bringing awareness to the importance of sustainability through the veggies they source from local farmers who have been growing organic since the 1970s or the reusable cotton towels for drying your hands in the restroom or the prix-fixe menu to eliminate waste/account for seasonality of ingredients. Plus the food was DELICIOUS. Will definitely be back." β€”Melisa O.

    48. Washington, DC: Fancy Radish

    Location: Washington, DC

    Rave review: "I was really pleasantly surprised by Fancy Radish. I came here with a couple friends and we were able to snag the three corner seats at the bar. We took advantage of happy hour drink pricing (and a couple snacks). My favorite item of everything we tried was the smoked chioggia beet toast, which tasted SO MUCH like a nice Jewish smoked fish. Who knew?! We also tried the rutabaga fondue (good, but not my favorite), the za'atar grilled squash, and the chermoula tofu. We also got a peanut butter/chocolate dessert, which was delicious. All in all, this is such a fun menu to share, and it is beautifully presented. Will definitely go back." β€”Lauren P.

    49. West Virginia: Kelley Farm Kitchen

    Location: Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

    Rave review: "The famous Maya Angelou saying that "...people will never forget how you made them feel.' As delicious as the food is here, the people here make this place. So warm and welcoming and it was a welcome surprise that the menu was 100% vegan.

    I would highly recommend if you're somewhere along the East Coast, on a road trip coming through West Virginia, or even further out, that you make the trip here. The food is made from the heart, seasoned perfectly, and tastes amazing! Kelley is a gifted cook and everyone there was just so hospitable and hardworking, I wish there were more places like it. I was so happy to have found it. We came here to hike but finding Kelley Farm Kitchen was hands down the highlight of our trip!" β€”Jenn T.

    Note that this is not a fully vegan restaurant, but has vegan options.

    50. Wisconsin: The Beerline Cafe

    Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Rave review: "You don't need to be a vegan to enjoy all of their delicious food. Honestly everything has so much flavor, you really can't go wrong. I've literally taken their paper menu home so I can try to recreate some dishes. The Buddah Bowl is my fave β€” roasted cauliflower and broccoli tossed w/marinated carrots, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, and edamame over brown rice topped with tahini cashew sauce. As per everything in my life, I add avocado. Apart from bowls, they have tacos, wraps, mac, salads, sammies, scrambles, smoothies, and crepes. The list really does go on.

    The atmosphere is very enjoyable. I've spent many hours studying, working, or just hanging out reading at Beerline, and have been known to switch from a latte to a glass of wine come happy hour if I've had a long afternoon of work." β€”Jessica J.

    51. Wyoming: Sweet Melissa's

    Location: Laramie, Wyoming

    Rave review: "My grandmother and I have been on a cross-country road trip (started in Maryland) and have been finding it really hard to get any good food, let along vegetarian/vegan places in the middle of the country, so I was very excited to find this place in what I thought would be an unsuspecting little town in Wyoming. Little did I know this would be the best meal we've had all week and I'm sad that we're not staying here longer so we could come back!

    Griffin, our server, was awesome. The mac 'n' cheese was one of my favorites I've eaten at a restaurant. My grandmother got the cauliflower and chickpea tikka masala with cumin rice, which had soo much flavor! The whole experience made our long drive through Wyoming to get here today not so bad. Would highly recommend and would come back!" β€”Sofia V.

    Note that this is not a fully vegan restaurant, but has vegan options.

    A note on methodology, per Yelp:

    Methodology: This is an all-time list of the best vegan restaurants in every state according to Yelp. We identified businesses in the vegan category with a large concentration of reviews mentioning "vegan," then ranked those spots using a number of factors including the total volume and ratings of reviews mentioning "vegan." When available, all businesses on this list have a passing health score or a score greater than a C or 70 as of November 4, 2019.

    Methodology for Alabama, North Dakota, West Virginia, Wyoming: We identified businesses in the restaurants and food categories with a large concentration of reviews mentioning "vegan" or "plant-based," then ranked those spots using a number of factors including the total volume and ratings of reviews mentioning those keywords. When available, all businesses on this list have a passing health score or a score greater than a C or 70 as of November 4, 2019.

    What's your favorite vegan restaurant from your home state? Let us know in the comments!