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    "X Factor" Makes A Messed-Up Joke About Demi Lovato's Drinking Habit

    And Demi did not seem pleased. No wonder she's leaving the show.

    As part of the show's finale, X Factor aired a video mash-up of classic "Demi annoys Simon" moments from throughout the season.


    The first time they showed Demi's reaction she was not pleased.


    And they took it down.

    The second time, Demi looked on in horror.


    You would too, if you had a very public drinking and addiction problem.

    By the third time they showed her reaction, Demi was CLEARLY pissed.


    And it looked like she said "that's fucked-up."


    Because it WAS!

    When it ended, Demi responded with class...


    ...and eyes like daggers.

    And Simon smiled.


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