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Why Newsweek Used To Be Cool

To a high school senior in 2002, that is.

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As a high school senior, my "Current Issues" class used issues of Newsweek instead of a textbook and I thought it was AWESOME. Here's why, as told through examples from issues published in the fall of 2002.

1. They predicted how the insides of our cars would change.

2. They knew about Google Gogglges before there were Google Goggles

3. Comics that are only funny during the week they are published, like this.

4. And this.

5. They cared about the beginning of reality TV as much as I did.

6. They published snippets from The Onion.

7. They encouraged the emerging generation of future YouTube stars.

8. They introduced me to PETA ...and Gisele.

...and puns in headlines.

...and puns in headlines.

9. They pondered questions like these.

10. They suggested people watch "Doug" and "Gilmore Girls," which can't be a bad thing.

11. They covered cool, underground things like Kaiju Big Battle.

12. They shared this very important picture of Venus and Serena Williams cooking at a McDonalds.

13. They made me want to spent $499 on a Palm Pilot.

14. They were "meh" about Harry Potter.

15. They predicted good things for Al Gore.

16. They did a huge feature on The Sims and online gaming.

17. They explained the fall of Enron in a way I could understand.

18. They introduced me to a new kind of exercise, perfect for my teenage angst.

19. They warned us of the craze that would capture the heart of suburbia: Smart Cars.

20. They taught me how to keep my inbox clean.

21. They informed us of ways to kill time online.

22. This story on Eminem being an up-and-coming actor.

23. And this piece on Nelly.

What is he? Hardcore? Hip-hop? Pop? NELLY IS AN ENIGMA.

What is he? Hardcore? Hip-hop? Pop? NELLY IS AN ENIGMA.

24. They tried to convince us that the TSA wasn't that bad. That's cute.

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