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Why "Jersey Shore Shark Attack" Will Be The Best Movie Of The Summer

Shut the beach down — there are white-finned, killer albino sharks all over the Jersey Shore!!! Yeah, this movie is gonna be great. Here's 15 reasons why:

1. Scared guidos

2. Fake, more attractive-looking Snook-a-likes

3. The super realistic-looking sharks we've come to expect in SyFy movies

4. This guy's abs

5. This bro's hair

It's very important to him, obviously

6. Vinny, from the real "Jersey Shore" is in it

7. There's a wet t-shirt contest involved

8. Shark sneak-attacks like this

9. and this

10. The face these guys make after being told about said shark attacks

11. This guy obviously dies

12. Joey Fatone is in the movie

13. and he obviously dies

14. Guidos and guns...

15. ...everywhere.

For more info, check out SyFy's website or watch the trailer below:

View this video on YouTube

Don't forget to set your DVR: the movie premieres Saturday, June 9th at 9pm.