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What's The Oldest Photo Of You On Facebook?

In honor of Facebook going public today, we thought we'd take a stroll down the Facebook memory lane to find the first photo of you ever uploaded to the 8-year-old website.

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To help get us started, I'll share my embarrassing first-ever photo of myself uploaded to Facebook. It was back in November, 2005:

I'm not proud of it — I'm especially not proud about that awful white belt — but the photo does bring back memories. This was the first night of the semester I studied abroad in London and my roommate Dorothy snapped this shot of my other roommate Eric and I after purchasing booze for the first time ever. I was a mere 20 years old and the drinking age overseas was 18. That is the face of someone a little too thrilled to try a gross-tasting White Zinfandel for the first time. Now it's your turn!

To find this precious picture, click on the "photos" album and scroll to the very bottom. The last photo is the one we want to see!

Tell us, BuzzFeed, what's your oldest photo and when was it taken?