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    Paula Deen, Oprah, And Gayle King Go Fishing

    After flipping through the channels last night I came upon what seemed to be some kind of summer camp for older women who happened television personalities. Sadly, it was an actual show on the Oprah's network, but that doesn't mean the clips of the cat-fishin', trampoline jumpin', and Paula talking about how she pees when she farts weren't worth seeing. Enjoy the following supercut.

    Just because they were hilarious, let's take a closer look at some of the faces going on in the above video:

    Paula Deen acting like it was Publishers Clearing House at her door with a million-dollar oversized check when Oprah showed up at her home.

    Oprah's face when finding out that going fishing was on the next day's agenda.

    Paula's confession of being a rampant urinator: "I would pee all over myself."

    Oprah's reaction to the bed she'd be sleeping in that night: "I love it!"

    Paula doing the trampoline thing even though she warned us that she'd pee all over herself if she did.

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