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    Posted on Jul 8, 2013

    What Celebrities Did For The Fourth Of July

    If you went to the beach, used sparklers, and dressed in patriotic colors — your weekend was a lot like theirs.

    Heidi Klum celebrated in the water.

    Taylor Swift had a party at her mansion in Rhode Island.

    Katy Perry and John Mayer matched, got back together maybe?

    Beyonce gave good face.

    Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff visited the White House.

    Jimmy Kimmel asked, "Too much?"

    Mariah Carey posed with a sparkler her roof in New York City.

    Sean Avery and Andy Cohen posed with a flag on the beach.

    Christina Milian and Jas Prince attended Paris Hilton's party.


    As did Brian Grazer.


    As did Amber Rose.

    Christie Brinkley posed in a patriotic bikini.

    JD and Turk went swimming.

    Lauren Conrad went to the beach.

    Bonnie McKee dressed like an "American Girl."

    John Stamos shared a photo and thanked "America for giving me the freedom to wear these pants."

    Fergie shared a kiss with Instagram.

    Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes dressed up Brandi Glanville's kids in patriotic colors.

    Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber reunited.

    Rihanna went to the beach in Sopot, Poland.

    Josh Kelly and Katherine Heigl shared this photo of their celebrations.

    Tori Spelling created red, white, and blue with her chicken.

    Ashley Tisdale jumped on a bed in flag shorts.

    Snooki dressed the part.

    Rob Lowe found himself among a ton of flags...

    ...and then hung out with Zac Efron later!

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