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If You've Been On The Front Lines, What Are Your Tips For Protesting?

Share your advice.

For the last week, Americans and allies around the globe have taken to the streets to protest the wrongful death of George Floyd and stand up for the rights of black people.

And as these past few days have made abundantly clear, peaceful protestors are risking their safety just by showing up to them.

So for the sake of helping others who are new to protesting or unaware of the best practices around it, we'd like to hear from those who have experience about what to do.

From what to wear and bring... who to call if you're arrested...

hi i made a carrd with the phone numbers to call if you get arrested while protesting and links to them. pls rt/share it so protesters can bookmark it or write the number for their city on their arm

...we want to hear your recommendations and your experience about what it's like on the front lines so that we can help others be better prepared.

Share your tips with us below and they could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post or video.