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    Wendy Williams Spills The Tea On The Summer's Hot Gossip

    Jennifer Aniston, Kylie Jenner, and Trump, oh my!

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    Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed

    It's been eight long weeks since The Wendy Williams Show went on summer break β€” hello, fall β€” so when the host who says it like she means it came to BuzzFeed, we asked her to give us her honest take on the stories going on in her absence.

    Jen Aniston and Justin Theroux got married!

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    Wendy Williams: I'm so happy for Jennifer Aniston! It was the story of the summer in my mind. There was a point where I thought she was damaged from being married to Brad, like she just wore that sword in her back for way too long. And now she's married. Don't mess it up, and if the rumors are true and you're gonna adopt, GOOD! But don't count on him staying around for more than five years, something tells me β€” it's not you, Jen, it's him β€” he's...damaged.

    Ciara and Russell Wilson are still going strong.

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    WW: You know, this is a good look for Ciara because she's beautiful and nobody buys music. Nobody buys her music, and nobody buys music. And she needs a second coming of a career. A lot of times for these pretty girls the second coming is getting involved with an elite singer or athlete or someone β€” who can finance their future. And for him, people like me β€” I don't follow football but I do follow Ciara β€” so now all of a sudden I know exactly who Russell Wilson is. While I know he's a great athlete, but he seems so corny, so she makes him cool. And she's so cool but I like when my cool girls don't mess with rappers and (pauses) bad boy ball players. So they're fine. Fine, fine. Yeah, it's OK!

    What’s with Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper’s hot-and-heavy PDA?

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    WW: I think that he is very good-looking. I think that she is very good-looking. I think that he brings his mother Gloria around way too much to be a grown man. It's a turn-off. They've only been together for six months and the other week I saw a picture of them all at the Jersey shore. The three of them. Bradley has like a mom complex that makes me uncomfortable as his new girlfriend β€” in my mind.

    Kylie Jenner turned 18 and has a new look.

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    WW: Best money ever spent. Those paper thin lips are now plump-a-licious. Listen, I'm a flatsy-tatsy back here (motions to her backside) and I'm not getting butt implants but as long as you're gonna get a little something done β€” which it looks like she got something done β€” it looks goooood. She has now surpassed all the other sisters, she is neck and neck with Kim, because Kim is older. Kylie is younger, and Kylie is β€” dammit, I hate to say this β€” beautiful. She's very beautiful.

    Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen β€” on the rocks?


    WW: I think Tom and Giselle are fine. You know, he's going through something right now. This whole Deflategate thing has him rocked to the core because he's one of these athletes who grew up at 1 [year old] carrying a football, and 10 playing Pop Warner, and so on and so forth. So he's shellshocked by this whole embarrassment of Deflategate. I bet you he does come home with that displaced aggression β€” anybody who's married, for which I am, we all know you walk into the house and sometimes you start screaming at people for no reason because of something to do with work, but you're screaming at innocent people. I think they'll be fine. Honestly, I do.

    Are Drake and Serena Williams really dating?

    Clive Brunskill / Getty Images / TIMOTHY A. CLARY / AFP

    WW: Hookup. Please. Don't believe everything that you read. Everything does not have to end in "love and marriage." This is a hookup. This is not a serious relationship.

    What's going on with Janet Jackson's comeback tour?


    WW: I've been begging my husband to please find me some time in our schedule β€” 'cause he's my manager β€” to go see Janet Jackson on the road. I really wanna go to see Janet Jackson. Control *GIF* I'm all grown up.

    And finally: Donald Trump running for president.

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    WW: I love my Donald Trump. No, I won't be the one voting for him but I have to tell you something: It is shocking to me that out of all the candidates right now β€” including Hillary β€” he seems like the one to run. And maybe WIN. He's handsome. I've hugged him; it's a good hug. He's like 6 foot 3. We like a big president, right? Nobody wants a little man for president.

    Watch video of Wendy giving the tea below!

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    Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed

    The new season of The Wendy Williams Show premieres today, Sept. 14.

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