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    Video Of Drunk Dude Peeing In Airport Is Actually Of "Twilight" Actor Bronson Pelletier

    Many of us in the BuzzFeed office were giggling over this video of a drunk guy exposing himself and peeing inside of an airport yesterday afternoon. Then TMZ pointed out that he was actually somebody we had heard of before.

    First, watch the video (NSFW)

    For a non-NSFW version of the clip, watch here.

    Then realize that the drunk guy there is actually Bronson Pelletier, an actor in the "Twilight" movie series.

    Florian Seefried / Getty Images

    He played one of Taylor Lautner's wolf-friends, Jared.


    He was shirtless in the movies a lot.


    Like, really a lot.


    As far as we could tell, he's never spoken publicly about his arrest with the exception of these tweets, in which he wanted the world to know he DIDN'T get arrested for meth:

    Sure, nobody wants to be known for a meth addiction — but is this video really any better?

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