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18 Of Victoria Beckham's Gigantic Bags That Led To The Term "Poshitis"

In the words of Ludacris, "What in the world is in that BAG, what you got in that BAG?"

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Victoria Beckham's oversized bags are part of her trademark style but now they've also become the inspiration for a new medical condition called "Poshitis." From the Telegraph:

It's not just that VB's handbags are usually supersized (a clever slimming trick), it's her new obsession with putting the straps in the crook of her elbow which is causing injury to fashion insult ... because while it may be a current fashion 'yes,' it's a total health 'no no' say the medical profession - hugging giant totes like VB causes muscles to tear and tendons to inflame.

Poshitis is real, people! And to prove it, here are 18 of her signature bags that led to the term: