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27 Plant Based Beauty Products You Can Buy On Amazon That Are Vegan And Cruelty Free

Everyone's favorite online retailer has a wide variety of cruelty free, organic, and vegan brands at the ready. Who's ready to shop?

1. A set of all-natural body butter and polish infused with essential oils.

2. Pick up these all-over eyeshadows that are gluten-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free and vegan by Au Naturalle.

3. You can find a variety of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics products on Amazon, including their raved-about lip tar.

4. Scrub away the stress with this grapefruit + himalayan pink salt scrub.

5. Get on the charcoal trend with this all natural, black charcoal rice mask.

6. Live your most luxurious life with these organic rosewater towelettes for your face and body.

Promising Review: "Love these — I don't like scented things but these are really great and leave a delicate scent." —Abigail K.

Price: $10.00.

7. Grab this concealing mineral liquid foundation that's SPF 20.

8. Save the shower and go for a sweet-smelling, organic dry shampoo.

9. You can browse through Beauty Without Cruelty's many shampoos, lotions, and beauty products on Amazon, like this creamy concealer pencil.

10. Volumize and separate lashes with this 2-in-1 mascara with unicorns dancing all over it.

11. Ecco Bella's Good For You Glosses come with a built-in mirror for those times when you need help applying on the fly.

Promising Review: "Found this gloss by accident and what a happy accident that was! Love the built-in mirror, love the sheen, love love love the scent. It also doesn't have that weird lipstick/gloss chemical/metal/whatisthatnastiness taste. I layer it over my lipstick to create a softer look or just dab a bit on bare lips to get a gorgeous light look. I've been loyal to my lipstick since high school, and this product might just last as long in my must-haves." —R. Harris

Price: $17.96

Buy "Passion" (left) here, "Pleasure" (right) here, and find other Ecco Bella products on Amazon here.

12. Replace your makeup brushes with this cruelty-free, eco-friendly set.

13. Feel constantly refreshed with derma e's hydrating mist spray.

14. This highly-pigmented organic concealer infused with Vitamin C.

Promising Review: "Holy crap! This concealer is SO pigmented! If you want full coverage, that's honestly the most important thing to look for. You won't be getting as full coverage as you can with something that claims to be more thick than the other stuff. Look for highly pigmented. This is by far my favorite concealer I have ever owned! I can't be without it!" —roflol123

Price: $31.99

Find other Emani Vegan Cosmetics products on Amazon here.

15. Pump up the volume of your lashes with these crisscross patterned, PETA-approved faux lashes.

16. Amazon offers fifty-five different colors of Mineral Fusion's nail polish line (my absolute favorite brand).

17. For a moisturizing oil with an earthy vibe, go for this Nag Champa + Hemp Seed variety.

18. Many varieties of lip balms are available on Amazon but my personal favorite — plum apricot — is available on Amazon Prime.

19. Smooth your skin while you sleep with this overnight cream that boasts collagen-producing peptides, hyaluronic acid, and natural ingredients like cucumber, aloe, maqui berry, licorice root, ginkgo biloba leaf as ingredients.

20. Get started with essential oils with this organic 21 Drops essential oil starter kit filled with organic oil blends focused on relaxation.

21. Pamper yourself with this ocean cleanser that may as well be straight out of an expensive spa.

22. Bring some color back to your eyelids with the Colorevolution natural powder starter kit.

23. Fix your dry, chapped lips with a lip balm filled with pure hemp seed oil.

24. If you're the adventurous type, try this sake bomb moisturizer.

25. Grab this 3-pack of tinted lip balm in grapefruit, cinnamon, and black cherry.

26. Wipe the day away with these gentle cleansing towelettes.

27. And finally — yes, everyone's favorite makeup sponge also happens to be vegan!

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