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    Tyrese Gibson Rants Against People With "Fat, Nasty" Bodies

    That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

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    Sweet lady! Tyrese Gibson said some extreme things about overweight people in an interview with

    If you are fat and nasty and you don't like the way you look, do something about it. It's simple.

    When you take a shower and you put your fat, nasty body in the shower and by the time you get out, the mirrors are all steamed up so you don't look at what you did to yourself. That may sound offensive or insensitive but ultimately, you are big as hell because you have earned that sh*t. You worked your a** off to eat everything in sight to get big as hell.

    If you got a problem with the way you look, then you need to do something about it. Excuses sound best to the people that's making them up.

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    Kim Kardashian showed up today in court for the first of her divorce hearings but Kris Humphries did not.

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    Don't panic, everyone, but Kate Middleton is supposedly a fan of Kim Kardashian's reality show:

    "Ever since Kim started mentioning Kate a lot in public, the princess has started watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians religiously," says a source.

    "She thinks the family are hilarious. People forget that Kate is just a normal girl, who married into royalty, and enjoys the same trashy TV shows most people do."

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    Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi don't want any children and they're perfectly fine with it. Says Portia:

    "There comes some pressure in your mid-30s, and you think, Am I going to have kids so I don't miss out on something that other people really seem to love? Or is it that I really genuinely want to do this with my whole heart? I didn't feel that my response was 'yes' to the latter…you have to really want to have kids, and neither of us did. So it's just going to be me and Ellen and no babies."

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    Jonathan Winters has died at the age of 87.

    Michael Buckner / Getty Images

    LL Cool J says that his song "Accidental Racist" "isn't perfect." Understatement of the week.

    Fred Prouser / Reuters

    Here's Charlie Sheen kissing Lindsay Lohan at the premiere of Scary Movie 5.

    Kelly Ripa doesn't keep in touch with Regis Philbin at all.

    Jackee Harry has joined the cast of Girl Meets World.

    LaToya Jackson found out about Janet Jackson's marriage on the internet.

    Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are expecting baby #2.

    Amanda Bynes's parents are mad at Kim Kardashian for the things she said about her.

    Patrick Duffy is up for a Step By Step reunion.

    Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart got sushi.

    Patricia Arquette has joined the cast of Boardwalk Empire.

    Diddy's baby mama may have exposed their children to cocaine.

    Kim Zolciak's latest baby is just great.

    BJ Novak is writing a book.

    Paula Abdul and her pets.

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