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Tyra Banks Has The Best, Most Insane Vine Account Out There

You're gonna have to turn the sound on for this — oh yes — because Tyra likes to sing in her Vines.

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Tyra has an impression of Sofia Vergara.

And she also has a Rihanna impression.

Tyra thinks that Jennifer Lawrence can be America's Next Top Model (because she fell on the Oscars stairs).

The girl is on fire.

Tyra spends a lot of time in hair and makeup.

So naturally, she gets bored.

So, she sings.

Sometimes she makes her staff sing along with her.

And she makes her shoes dance.

Sometimes she's just a spaz.

Oh, there was also the time she went to a concert and sang along.

But Tyra's first-ever Vine might just be her best, if for nothing other than the puns:

This is like the time she learned how to make GIFs, but better. Never change, Tyra!

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