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22 Tinder Profiles Judged By "Millionaire Matchmaker" Patti Stanger

Apologies to the male population of Los Angeles.

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Patti Stanger is not a fan of Tinder. We learned this when we went to the Millionaires Club and asked her to judge the following 23 Tinder profiles of random guys in Los Angeles. Were any of them dateable? Not in her mind.

The problem? Not enough information in Tinder profiles. As she put it, "What does he do? How are you going to date anybody if you don't know what they are? You don't know where he works, you don't know where they went to school..." And yet we digressed. The following are her thoughts on a random sampling of men in LA.


And we were back to the beginning: Tinder failing as a matchmaker — at least in Patti's mind. At the end of the judging, Patti turned to us and said, "Okay, you need to hit another site. How much is Tinder?" We replied, "Free." Exactly. Would she at least allow any of these men in the Millionare's Club? She replied, "Are they even millionaires? They don't look like it. They look poor."

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