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21 Times Kelly Kapowski Taught Us How To Live

In honor of Tiffani Theissen's 40th birthday.

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1. The correct way to answer a payphone.

2. How to look cute during a class assembly.

3. How to say you're sorry.

4. How to subtly let someone know to shut up.

5. How to show off your hair.

6. I mean, REALLY work that hair.

She is TRULY the champion of showing off good hair.

7. How to flirt from across the classroom.

8. How to discuss someone you and your friend mutually dislike.

(Or maybe even hate.)

9. How to give PG-13 bedroom eyes.

10. How to look cute while jumping rope.

11. And doing aerobics.

12. How to spot a true gentleman.

13. How to express your casual disgust.

14. How to express your most extreme disgust.

15. How to react to something with excitement — but not too much excitement.

16. How to slow dance.

17. How to pose with your friends.

18. How to smile and blink harmoniously.

19. How it's OK to cry into your teddy bear when necessary.

20. How to remain flawless even in the wind.

21. And perhaps most importantly... to land Zack Morris.

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