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    12 Things You Probably Didn't Know You Could Recycle

    Including all that junk in the back of your closet that's collecting dust!

    1. Crayons

    D. Sharon Pruitt Pink Sherbet Photography / Getty Images

    Got a lot of crayons laying around? Great! Send them — wrappers and all — to Crazy Crayons in Colorado. According to them, over 12 million crayons are produced in the United States every day — equaling around 60 tons of crayons being brought into this word... each day. They've collected over 120,000 pounds of unwanted crayons since they opened in 1993.

    2. Corks

    Bernard Jaubert / Getty Images

    Yep, you can recycle your wine corks by dropping them off at a number of ReCork's locations. They've recycled over 75 million corks already!

    3. Bras

    Izusek / Getty Images

    The Bra Recyclers will take your gently used bras to "to recycle, reuse or repurpose bras while providing substantial social benefits to women and girls escaping domestic violence, drug addiction, human trafficking and breast cancer survivors." Just wash it, fill out a form, and mail it off to give your bras a second use.

    4. Eyeglasses

    Sebastian Kopp / Getty Images

    Don't throw your old pairs away! There are actually useful, and there are a bunch of options to send your old glasses to:

    Saving Sight, who collects, cleans, and provides glasses for people who need them.

    New Eyes, who will distribute used glasses all over the world.

    The Lion's Club, who collects pairs and delivers them to local Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centers.

    5. All of Apple's products

    6. String Lights

    Tooga / Getty Images

    You can send your old holiday lights to Holiday LEDs, who will take your garbage in exchange for a 15% off coupon to buy yourself some new lights in their store.

    7. Plastic Bags

    TJC / Getty Images

    Remove everything from inside of the bag and find a recycling location that will take them. Why should you bother? Well, plastic bags are one of the worst problems in marine pollution because birds, fish, and other underwater life often mistake them for food.

    8. Batteries

    Martin Konopka / Getty Images

    Check out Earth911's database that will allow you to type in a zip code and find out the closest place you can drop your batteries off at.

    9. CD-Roms

    The Real Tokyo Life / Getty Images

    We all have some extra CD's gathering dust in the back of our closets, so if you're ready to part ways with yours, check out the CD Recycling Center of America.

    10. Yogurt containers

    The Age / Getty Images

    Rinse out your yogurt containers — or any plastic containers stamped with #5 — and mail them to Preserve, whose products are made from %100 recycled plastic.

    11. Packing Peanuts (aka Loose Fill)

    Tmarvin / Getty Images

    While styrofoam packing peanuts aren't typically recyclable in the standard way, you can check here to find your local loose fill reuse location and drop them off to be used again!

    12. Greeting Cards

    Bjorn Wiklander / Getty Images

    Yes, you can re-use greeting cards for crafts or gift tags, but you can also send the fronts of the cards only to St. Jude's Ranch for Children.

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