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29 Things You Missed At The Olympics Opening Ceremony

Obvious spoilers for anyone who's waiting to watch tonight.

1. Fireworks kicked off the opening ceremony, which was titled "Peace in Motion."

2. Throughout most of the opening ceremony, we follow around a group of five kids whose curiosity leads them on a journey.

3. Their adventures lead them to a Patronus/tiger, who then invites them into the Olympic games.

4. They were met by lots of beautiful animal puppetry by dancers.

5. Team USA walked out while "Gangnam Style" was playing.

6. And Mike Pence waved.

7. North Korean hockey player Hwang Chung Gum and South Korean bobsledder Won Yun-jong walked out holding a unified Korean flag.

8. Jamaica made their entrance with a dance.

9. Pita Taufatofua from Tonga was the best flag-bearer once again.

10. Bermuda showed up wearing bermuda shorts.

11. South Korea's president Moon Jae In shook hands with North Korea's Kim Yo Jong (who is also Kim Jong Un's sister).

12. There was a drumline of badass women.

13. There were so many of them and they played inside of this geometric, fluctuating circle. It was cool.

14. There were some crazy, cool-looking snowboarders who flew down the slopes.

15. And this crazy, cool-looking powerful imagery about unification kind of looked like an alien abduction.

16. South Korean singers Ha Hyun-woo, Lee Eun-mi, Jeon In-kwon and An Ji-Yeong sang a beautiful rendition of John Lennon's "Imagine."

17. There was a stunning visual dance with LED doors.

18. And this cute little face.

19. We got a futuristic view of life in South Korea that included floating text...

20. ...robot people...

21. ...and doctors operating on hologram brains. Fun!

22. Soprano Hwang Sumi sang the national anthem.

23. The dancing was incredible.

24. There were sparklers and fire everywhere.

25. The Olympic stadium was literally ~lit.~

26. Ice hockey players from the unified Korean team carried the Olympic flame up a looong flight of stairs.

27. Figure skater Yuna Kim got to light the Olympic cauldron...

28. ...which was a pretty complex and high-tech occasion to be honest.

29. And the Olympic cauldron burned on.

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