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    3 Things To Know About Each Of The New "Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills" Cast Members

    Learn about new additions Joyce and Carlton, as told through their old childhood photos.

    1. She's wiccan.

    Courtesy Bravo /

    Gebbia tells Bravo, "If you’re going to put a word on it, I would be considered a Celtic pagan witch." She explains that she began practicing at "an early, early age" and that she was "always drawn to nature and animals."

    2. She named her children Destiny, Mystery, and Cross.

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    But she's sensitive about it. In the season premiere of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Monday, Carlton says to the cameras, "I always give people the benefit of the doubt, initially but my thing is don't [expletive] with my children's names."

    3. She doesn't get along with Kyle Richards.

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    When asked on the red carpet about who she clashed with in the season, Carlton told People, "I [wouldn't stand next to her] when we were taking photos." We look forward to how this plays out.

    1. She grew up on a farm.

    Courtesy Bravo /

    Joyce tells Bravo, "I grew up in the mountain side. I was the cowgirl, I was milking cows, I had the chickens, I had the roosters. I had it all! I had a million dogs. At one point I had 14 Dobermans."

    2. She was bullied when she was younger.

    Courtesy Bravo /

    As she talked to TooFab about those awkward teen years: "In Puerto Rico everybody is a little more voluptuous, with these beautiful bodies and there I was the skinny lanky girl. So they called me Olive Oyl, they said my body was the spaghetti and my head was the meatball."

    3. She is a pageant QUEEN.

    Courtesy Bravo /

    Joyce has held the titles of Miss Universe Puerto Rico and Miss World Puerto Rico, and was runner-up at the 1998 Miss Universe pageant.

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