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    17 Things Celebrities Did This Week

    From the completely random to the mundane, here are all of the noteworthy things that you probably missed for your viewing pleasure.

    1. Emma Thompson kept it real at the Golden Globes.

    2. Rihanna tried to relax at the beach.

    3. Jon Hamm filmed Mad Men.

    4. Kanye West wore a hoodie with a fur coat.

    5. Tom Hanks scootered around town.

    6. Michael Fassbender and Benedict Cumberbatch posed like this.

    7. Jason Schwartzman picked up some green juice.

    8. Miley Cyrus got a bowlcut.

    9. The Entourage guys filmed on a yacht.

    10. Gisele drove around Costa Rica like so.

    11. Thor helped to announce the Oscar nominations.

    12. Jay Z waved.

    13. Fergie cuddled her baby Axl.

    14. Taylor Swift danced.

    15. Nick Kroll had froyo.

    16. Will Smith looked surprised.

    17. and Tina Fey and Amy Poehler killed it as hosts of the Golden Globes again.