Theory: Bradley Cooper’s Entire Career Exists Only To Prove Louis C.K. Wrong

I don’t know, you guys: This video has some compelling points.

1. The following video provides an argument for the theory that Bradley Cooper’s career is a big “F U” to Louis C.K.

2. Louis C.K. mocked the students asking questions on Inside the Actors Studio in a 2009 episode of The Stephen Merchant Show:

You know when an actor stands up, one of the people in the audience and says, ‘I am an actor, what can I do?’ and asks Sean Penn or whoever, ‘What can I do to reach your level of whatever?’ And you just wanna say, ‘That’s it! You NEVER will be famous.’ There’s no way you ask Sean Penn a question and then you’re going to be huge.

3. Little did he know that one of the students that asked Sean Penn a question in 1999 was none other than Bradley Cooper himself:




5. Really puts this scene from American Hustle into perspective!

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