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Posted on Sep 27, 2012

Then & Now: The Classic Video Game Characters Seen In "Wreck It Ralph"

Check out what your favorites from Street Fighter, Q*bert, and others look like today — and meet a few new characters, too!

Zangief: The Red Cyclone

The muscle-bound, hairy-chested, bear-grappling, mohawked wrestler from “Street Fighter” is a regular at the Bad-Anon meetings.

Q*Bert: Unplugged

Q*Bert, whose game was long ago unplugged, spends most of his time in Game Central Station, the travel hub for all arcade-game characters—and the unfortunate “home” to those whose games are over.

Neff: Purple’s the New Black

As “Altered Beast’s” resident evil wizard, Neff is a natural for the Bad-Anon meeting roster.

M. Bison: The Ruler of Darkness

M. Bison, the unforgiving world dictator from “Street Fighter,” learns to quell his Psycho Power at Bad-Anon.

Coily: Bouncing Purple Snake

Once the bouncing purple villain in the Q*Bert arcade game, Coily finds himself hanging with his former adversary in Game Central Station after their game is unplugged.

Introducing a new character, Surge Protector

With the duties of a high school hall monitor and the officiousness of a mall rent-a-cop, this straight-laced civil servant is more hassle than help. But electrical voltage spikes are no laughing matter.

And of course, Wreck It Ralph.

Ralph is a heavy-handed wrecking' riot with a heart. For 30 years—day in, day out—he's been doing his job as “The Bad Guy” in the arcade game Fix-it Felix Jr. But it's getting harder and harder to love his job when no one seems to like him for doing it. Suffering from a classic case of Bad-Guy fatigue and hungry for a little wreck-ognition, Ralph embarks on a wild adventure across an incredible arcade-game universe to prove that just because he's a Bad Guy, it doesn't mean he's a bad guy.

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