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The Week In Television, In Animated Gifs

Over the past seven days, we learned a lot of new things about people we love: Pat Sajak used to get drunk on "Wheel Of Fortune," Chelsea Handler has an unwarranted distaste for Joan Rivers, and Mauirce Sendak is really quite hilarious for a crotchety old guy.

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Maurice Sendak and Stephen Colbert had the best interview of the week

[watch part 1, part 2]

Pat Sajak admitted that he used to get drunk on the set of "Wheel Of Fortune"

Jack Donaghy and Devin Banks changed the NBC mascot to a unicorn named "Magelica"

Seal talked to Ellen about his split from Heidi Klum

Jon Stewart shot down Newt's plans to take over the moon

Guy Fieri eating in reverse haunted our dreams

Alec Baldwin made fun of Piers Morgan

We met a new redneck reality family

Carrie Brownstein's iPhone died

Katherine Heigl's daughter chilled with the ladies of The View

Parks & Rec went bowling

Blair Waldorf fist-bumped with guidos at her bachelorette party

Robin Williams hung out with a two-headed monster

Joan Rivers feuded with Chelsea Handler

Tom Green returned to our lives

Chuy inspected Lisa VanderPump's ass for implants

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