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The Week In Television, In Animated Gifs

Is it just us, or has television had more than its fair share of water-cooler moments this week?

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Lana Del Ray Played "Saturday Night Live"

Daniel Radcliffe Dressed Up Like Casey Anthony's Dog

Ricky Gervais Hosted The Golden Globes

Wendy Williams Campaigned To "Save The Twinkie"

Carrie Brownstein Dated Some Dudes With Bad Tattoos

A Girl Fainted On "The Bachelor"

Paula Deen Announced That She Has Type 2 Diabetes

"People see me cooking all of these wonderful Southern, fattening dishes, but that's only... six times five [is] thirty! That's only 30 days out of 365."

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Paul Rudd Became "Bobby Newport"

Kim Richards Was A Hot Mess

...A Sad, "Can't Find My Stash" Kind Of Hot Mess

Marianne Gingrich Shared That Her Ex, Newt, Wanted An Open Marriage

Steven Tyler Returned To "American Idol"

True fact: he is saying the words "I am moist." This is why I don't watch "American Idol."

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Stephen Colbert & Jon Stewart Made A Mockery Of "Non-Coordination"

Kim Kardashian Cried Over Her Marriage For The Cameras

"I have not been happy."

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Burt Reynolds Became Animated On "Archer"

A Miniature Nicki Minaj Appeared On "Toddlers & Tiaras"

Blair Waldorf Had A Religious Experience On "Gossip Girl"

Michael Fassbender Pointed To His Naughty Bits On Letterman

He wasn't actually telling a story about his penis, but I prefer to pretend that he was.

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The "Rosie" Show Got A Smaller Studio

She sure looks thrilled about it.

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V-Neck T-Shirt Addictions Became A Real Affliction

Niecy Nash Went Farming On "Wife Swap"

A Toddler Dropped The F-Bomb On "Modern Family"

Ellen Degeneres And Sofia Vergara Had Fun With Makeup

Glenn Beck Endorsed A Fancy Shoe For President

"If this were the nominee, I would push for this to be our next president. SHOE over Barack Obama."

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Nene Leaks Showed Up On "Glee," Threatened To Kill Students

"I will kill you." Okay, then!

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