The Best From The Saturday Night Live Gallery 1988 Show

Check out all of this awesome art inspired by SNL.

1. Jude Buffum: “Janet Reno’s Dance Party”

2. Nan Lawson: “Harry Caray” / Ken Darduno: “BBQ RIBS”

3. A series by Culver Smith

5. Darin Shock: “1980-1984”

6. Joe Van Wetering: “Hurricane Ditka” / Jason Liwag: “There’s No Beating My Balls”

7. Irma Rivera: “Mom Jeans”

8. Munk One: “With All By Myself” / Miranda Dressler: “The Continental”

9. Casey Weldon: “Schwing”

10. Philip Tseng: “Laser Cats” / Graham Curran: “Banished”

11. Nicole Guice: “WANTED: Tony and Anthony Peter Coleman. SNL 2012. Puppet Class.”

12. Glen Brogan: “Stefan”, “Farmer Fey”

13. Joey Spiotto: “Schwing!”

14. Augie Pagan: “The Incredible Belushi” / Tara Krebs: “Superstar”

15. JoKa: “It’s Gumby Damn It!”

16. Bruce Yan: “Toonces The Driving Cat”

17. Bill Main: “Laser Cats” / Ben Bouchet: “Every Saturday Night on NBC”

18. A series by Oliver Barrett

19. Basemint Design: “Suck It Trebek” / Clinton Reno: “Now is ze time on Sprockets vhen ve dance”

20. Dave Perillo: “A Character Piece”

Gallery 1988 West’s “Is This Thing On #2 Too, Tribute To SNL” show runs from March 29 to April 20. Click here for more info.

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