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    The Most Controversial "Sexiest Man Alive" Selections By People Magazine

    Channing Tatum is this year's "Sexiest Man Alive." Here are all the other times People fucked up.

    1. 1987, Harry Hamlin

    People Magazine / Via

    2. 1992, Nick Nolte

    People Magazine / Via

    3. 1993, the year they named Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere "Sexiest Couple" instead

    People Magazine / Via

    A couple? We'd rather see sexy, shirtless guys, thanks.

    4. 2011, the year they didn't pick Ryan Gosling

    People Magazine / Via

    Ryan Gosling had three movies out in 2011 and had become the nation's #1 crush. Did People Magazine care? No. But they should, so BuzzFeed stood outside of their office and protested.

    5. 2012, the year they forgot about Ryan Gosling AGAIN!

    People Magazine

    Also, Channing Tatum looks like the big-necked frat guy that used to slap your butt during sports games and enjoyed it too much. Blech.

    When will People realize that what the PEOPLE want is Ryan Gosling and that Channing Tatum is basically a gyrating human potato?

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