The Most Absurd, Totally Incorrect Tabloid Covers Of 2012

The truth doesn’t sell magazines.

For those uninitiated into this wild world of celebrity gossip, try to remember the following key points as you scroll through:

• We only discovered that Kate Middleton is pregnant last month.
• Angelina Jolie is not pregnant, nor married to Brad Pitt.
• Jennifer Aniston only announced her engagement to Justin Theroux in October and is not pregnant.
• Kim Kardashian is still technically married to Kris Humphries and her pregnancy was announced two days ago.
• The other Kardashians women are still with their men.
• Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson over the summer.
• If a magazine says a woman is “Pregnant And Alone!” on the cover, she’s neither.

Now that you’re in the loop, on to the incorrect magazine covers!

1. January 4th:

WRONG! Jen is engaged now.

2. January 16th:

WRONG! The Globe is the only outlet to report this story.

3. January 16th:

WRONG! No babies for Brangelina this year.

4. January 18th:

WRONG! No babies for Brangelina this year.

5. January 18th:

6. January 25th:

7. February 1st:

WRONG! No babies for Brangelina this year.

8. February 1st:

9. February 1st:

10. February 8th:

11. February 8th:

12. February 22nd:

13. February 22nd:

14. February 27th:

15. February 28th:

WRONG! As of last week, Kim and Kris are still fighting over her ring in court.

16. March 7th:

17. March 7th:

18. March 14th:

19. March 14th:

20. March 21st:

21. March 28th:

22. April 4th:

23. April 11th:

24. April 11th:

26. April 25th:

27. April 25th:

28. May 2nd:

29. May 9th:

30. May 9th:

31. May 9th:

32. May 16th:

33. May 16th:

34. May 23rd:

35. May 23rd:

36. May 30th:

37. June 6th:

38. June 6th:

39. June 20th:

40. June 27th:

41. June 27th:

42. July 11th:

43. July 18th:

44. August 1st:

45. August 1st:

46. August 1st:

47. August 8th:

48. August 8th:

49. August 15th:

50. August 15th:

51. August 15th:

52. August 22nd:

53. August 22nd:

54. August 29th:

55. August 29th:

56. September 5th:

57. September 12th:

58. September 12th:

59. September 19th:

60. September 19th:

61. September 24th:

62. September 26th:

63. September 20th:

64. September 26th:

No, they aren’t.

65. September 26th:

66. October 3rd:

67. October 3rd:

68. October 10th:

69. October 17th:

70. October 17th:

71. October 24th:

72. October 24th:

73. October 24th:

74. October 31st:

75. October 31st:

76. November 7th:

77. November 14th:

78. November 14th:

79. November 14th:

80. November 14th:

81. November 28th:

82. December 5th:

83. December 12th:

86. December 19th:

87. December 26th:

88. In summation,

Tabloid covers lie — and they lied a lot in 2012. On to 2013!

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