The Kim Kardashian Guide To Getting Frozen Yogurt

Kim and Kanye have been spotted buying the frozen treat at least three times this week. Let’s see how she manages to do what she does.

1. First, show off your chest while getting out of the car.

2. Also, the butt that made you famous.

3. Let your boyfriend get his froyo first…

4. …so that he can’t see all the toppings you’re piling on.

5. Load those strawberries, girl!

6. Be friendly to the froyo staff!

7. If you can’t wait to eat your froyo, let your boyfriend open the door for you.

8. But look as dead in the eyes as you can while leaving. You don’t want to seem too excited.

9. Do NOT stop to speak to the guy sitting outside gawking at you.

10. When carrying your froyo, hold it where your “goods” are.

11. You should wear the world’s ugliest boots…

12. …or the custom shoes your boyfriend made for you.

13. Don’t carry too many things at once, you don’t want to drop your froyo!

14. After you’re in the car, glare at the paparazzi taking your photo.

15. Act like you’re really, really annoyed at them.

16. But then make sure to suck some froyo off of your finger in the most sexually explicit way possible! For the attention, of course.

Photos courtesy FameFlynet Pictures.

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