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    The Guido's Guide To Giving Flowers

    Watch out, or you'll be giving your grandmother a bouquet that say "Let's Smush!" this holiday weekend.

    Thank goodness JWOWW (of "Jersey Shore" fame) has compiled this list of what she thinks each kind of flowers mean. From her blog:

    Personally, I think this shit is good to know – you never know if person getting the flowers will be reading into it or not, and not gonna lie, it’s sort of fun, too. I decided to JWOWW-ify the topic and translated some key meanings into Shore-Speak. This is a list that I think every guido should know.

    On to her list!


    Apparently, yellow roses mean both this and "Sorry for being a jerk-off" so if you're sorry for only liking a girl as a friend, we've found the perfect flower!


    ...because everyone sends flowers to send a threatening message!

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