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    How To Achieve The Perfect Prom Photo

    But where do you put your hands?!

    First, there's the question of where to put your hands.

    Down low?


    Up high?

    Do you hold both hands?

    Some hands?

    Your own hands?

    Or, don't hold hands at all.

    Or should you hold your date's elbows, instead?

    If you're lucky, you may get to put your hands on your date's waist.

    If you're a girl, feel free to sit down for your portrait.

    Or, you can both sit down.

    You can wear a hat,

    Wear sunglasses,

    Use props,

    Or pose like you're dancing.

    Guys, girls like it when you wear garters on your arm:

    Get really romantic with your poses:

    Sometimes it's a good idea to coordinate matching outfits:

    You could always recycle...

    Don't forget to SMILE!

    No date? No problem. Go with a group of friends!

    There's nothing wrong with flying solo.

    Desperate for a date? You could bring a pet:

    Or a tree,

    Your Xbox,

    Or just bring a cardboard cut-out of your dream date with you:

    If all else fails, bring unborn child as your date: