The 19 Best "Sad Kanye West" Zipline Memes

God bless the internet.

When photographer Alex Yenni found and uploaded the following photo to the internet we knew it wouldn’t be long before it became a meme.

It sure did. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. The one where Kanye is sad about Ray J hitting it first.

2. The one where Sad Keanu is with Sad Kanye.

3. The one where Kanye is the Lion King.

4. The one where Kanye hangs with Forrest Gump.

5. The “Bound 2” parody.

Yeah sure why not

— Mike Tunison (@xmasape)

6. The one where Kanye realizes his mistake.

KISS 925 / Via Twitter: @KiSS925

7. The one where Kanye wishes he was in the new Star Wars.

8. The one where Drake is comforting Kanye.

9. The one where Kanye is stuck in Windows XP.

10. The one where his rhymes might actually be about himself.

11. The one where Kanye just wants to eat lunch with everybody else.

12. The one that’s probably true.

13. The one where Kanye at least has his bong.

14. The one where Kanye is so sad he can’t even be appreciate nature’s beauty.

15. The one where Kim really is a hobbit.

16. The one where Kanye is sad at Abbey Road.

17. The one where Kanye is in time-out.

18. The one where Kanye is sad about becoming a meme again.

19. And finally, the one that’s really meta:

@socarolinesays @3am @alucci @jenniferdaniel I couldn't resist: #sadkeanu #sadkanye

— Liz Tan (@liztan)

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