The 17 Best Moments Of Tina Fey Hosting "SNL"

She’s still got it.

1. When Tina was honest about why she was hosting:


2. This exchange she had with Kenan:

3. How she embarrassed the new cast members…

SNL / Via facebook.com

4. …and made fun of their dancing…


5. …but couldn’t remember any of their names.

6. These two “characters” Tina used to do on the show:


7. Absolutely everything about this GIRLS parody:

8. In which she delivered this perfect satire:

9. When Tina was really harsh with new anchor host Cecily Strong.

10. …but only after an awkward entrance:

11. When she was super real about flying:

12. When she managed to keep a straight face among the ridiculous taxidermy animals.

13. Also, driving with a raccoon.

14. The Lady With No Theme Song:


15. When she hugged Aaron Paul at the end of the episode:


16. Everything about “Johnny Jean Jacket.”

17. Tina’s homage to Farrah Fawcett.

Saturday Night Live / Via facebook.com

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