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The 51 Most Beautiful Places On Earth

As shared by the BuzzFeed Community.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community about their favorite places in the world. Here's what they said!

1. Milford Sound, New Zealand

Rawpixel / Getty Images

I didn't know what to expect when going there. But when I saw it, I couldn't help but tear up a little because it was that beautiful.


2. Vernazza, Italy

Janoka82 / Getty Images

My favorite place in the world is Vernazza, Cinque Terra Italy. There is this flat rock on the bay that is PERFECT for laying on. The water is crystal clear and it's so peaceful I think it might be heaven.


3. Nagoya, Japan

GI15512950 / Getty Images

My favorite place is a yellow bridge that crosses over train tracks in Nagoya, Japan. I spent the summer in Nagoya and learned a lot about myself, and how I relate to the world. I've struggled with fear for most of my life, and it has often held me back from what I want to do. But going over that yellow bridge everyday and looking out over the city reminded me of God's providence and to be fearless. —savanahs4d75b88d1

4. Versailles, France

Huythoai / Getty Images

The palace of Versailles is so beautiful and on the off season it can be so empty that you can really enjoy it. The gardens are massive and open to everyone. You can go jog there or just walk and explore. —katieg117

5. Dingle, Ireland

Mustang_79 / Getty Images

My hometown. Think of Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls but Irish and replace the coffee with a pint of Guinness. The town itself is so beautiful, right on the ocean (it even comes with it's own mascot - a dolphin who goes by the name of Fungi who's lived in the bay for 20 years!) that's surrounded by GREEN. The most friendly people who are always up for some live music and.. it's like a dream. It's amazing.


6. Similian Islands, Thailand

bdo_pic / Getty Images

The softest white powder sand beneath your toes and the crystal clear ocean water makes this place so magical! —louisewirick

7. El Valle de Antón, Panama

My favorite place on earth is the top of a mountain overlooking El Valle de Antón, Panama. The valley was created by a volcano imploding, and in the 2.5x 2.5 mile valley a small village has popped up. The valley is always windy and warm, the locals keep hammocks up everywhere and the pace of life is slow. It was amazing to be so far away from home and still feel safe and cared for. There's a lot of poverty in the area, but the people are so giving and optimistic. They captured my heart and I dream about returning to partake in more humanitarian work. —casmckinney

8. Playa Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Simon Dannhauer / Getty Images

This is my absolute favorite place on earth because it's so pure and I get goosebumps every time I think about this beach. Pura vida! —kelseyl4d4c74da7

9. The Butchart Gardens, British Columbia

Alexandrialanier / Getty Images

The Butchart Gardens in British Columbia, it is were heaven touches the earth. It is stunning in its beauty, and ever changing with the seasons. Within it's many gardens you will find one that will touch and nourish your soul.


10. Istanbul, Turkey

Masterlu / Getty Images

I was introduced to this beautiful city by my husband, who was born and raised there. It is so incredibly old with so much rich, deep history, yet very metropolitan, a clash of cultures that make for a beautiful cityscape. The city also straddles Europe and Asia in the form of the Bosporus Straight, a channel that splits the city right down the middle. Taking a ferry from one side to the other, gaggles of seagull in tow, is truly breathtaking. The Turkish people are some of the kindest and most hospitable in the world, which only adds to the enchantment. Sipping some Turkish tea overlooking the Bosporus at sunset is one of the most beautiful things I've ever experienced in my life. It is a magical city that looks and feels like it was plucked straight out of a picture book.


11. Agerola, Italy

MaRabelo / Getty Images

A small town called Agerola near Positano, Italy. It's secluded, beautiful, and even though most of its residents don't speak English, I was welcomed and treated so nicely. People live a simple life in Agerola and I love it.

This is a photo of me hiking Path of The Gods from Agerola to Positano. It's is by far my favorite place on earth. —hadhinahfawwazahn

12. Borgarfjörður, Iceland

Leamus / Getty Images

We have a small summer house built by my family in the 90's in Hvítársíða, Borgarfjörður, Iceland, I think the reasoning for it being my favorite place is because we have visited this place regularly since I was born, and this river reminds of good times and brings me peace. —ragnheidurhelgae

13. Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

Nisangha / Getty Images

Gili Trawangan, Lombok, Indonesia. The beaches are so freaking beautiful, that is the most beautiful beach i've ever seen. In my opinion it's more beautiful than Bali bcause not many tourist know this place so it's very peaceful and the beach is still very clean


14. Cathedral Grove, British Columbia

Ashley_minkus / Getty Images

Cathedral Grove on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. It's quiet and full of super old trees. It makes you stop and smell the forest... The smell of the dirt mixed in with the growing trees and the needles from the coniferous trees on the forest floor. If it's sunny out you can see it between the leaves way up above your head and it's never too hot. It's like you're somewhere else, far away from the hustle and bustle of everything else, but you're actually just off of a highway not too far from the nearest towns. The air is fresh and clean!


15. The Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand

naes / Getty Images

The Franz Josef Glacier (or Kā Roimata o Hine Hukatere) on the west coast of the southern Island in New Zealand. I spent a month in New Zealand doing conservation work, and between the work I did, the people I met, and the culture I experienced, I was a different person when I left this fantastic country. —saslagle17

16. Sea to Sky Highway, British Columbia

stockstudioX / Getty Images

British Columbia! Vancouver is beautiful with the ocean and the mountains, but driving on the Sea to Sky Highway is what really makes you speechless. The ocean is on one side of you and the snowcapped mountains are on the other. Plus BC is an outdoor paradise with so much to do: hiking, biking, kayaking, ziplining, skiing, snowboarding, and even more winter sports at the Whisler Olympic Sliding Center. Plus there are many waterfalls you can hike to, and so many sites to see like Stanely Park, Capilano Suspension Bridge, and the Peak to Peak Gondola in Squamish —alexis4909adb0c

17. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Katie_May_Boyle / Getty Images

The Sticky Waterfall near Chiang Mai, Thailand! You can climb all over this super unique waterfall because mineral deposits on the rocks keep it from being slippery. Since it's in a fairly remote area, there are hardly any tourists and there are even butterflies fluttering around in this natural wonderland. —austintherose

18. Patagonia, Argentina

It's such a strange, barren and beautiful landscape that is so different from elsewhere in the world. Patagonia is a huge section of Argentina and I could spend my whole life exploring it. However, I would recommend the Los Glaciares National Park (pictured above). If you can make it in the off-peak season, you'll be truly on your own on the trails and you can really soak up the mountains, glaciers and little winding paths. —karil4ba3fcb3c

19. Sintra, Portugal

Saiko3p / Getty Images

I am lucky enough to live 5 minutes from one of the most magical places I know: Sintra, Portugal. You can wander in the village and keep finding new beautiful spots or walk into the woods and visit some of the most romantic palaces. On top of that, the mountains here only end very close to the sea, so you have many different landscapes together in a small area. This is so unique that many legends have been created about Sintra and, when you're there, they make sense. —sarad4850d5c99

20. Theth, Albania

I went on vacation to Theth, Albania with my family. I stayed with the locals and they were incredibly nice. They made us incredible food and took us on a tour of the town. We went on a hike to a mountain pass, and it looked like it was the set of The Sound of Music. The only way to get there was a one-laned, windy, unsealed road with a very long drop on the side. We went swimming in an ice cold river with the clearest water ever. It was one of the best vacations of my life! —kittykincat

21. Calaguas Island, Phillipines

The most beautiful part of the day occurs before many people wake up. The lighting of sunrise can be quite magical. It’s pre-dawn hours as the sky begins to brighten. I made it to the top just before the magic started to happen. After trekking through grasslands and slopes, who woudn't want to start the day with a view of the entire island at Calaguas Island in Camarines Norte Philippines? —anthonyp33

22. Lalibela, Ethiopia

ReformBoehm / Getty Images

My favorite place in the entire world is Lalibela. It is a town in northern Ethiopia known for its amazing rock hewn churches. These churches are literally hewn into the ground so they're built from the top down. It is one of the most peaceful and spiritual places I've ever had the pleasure of visiting. Nothing I've ever experienced in my life come close to listening to mass ("kidase") being conducted simultaneously at 12 churches on a Sunday morning while taking in the extraordinary views of this breathtaking place! —daga

23. The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Grafxart8888 / Getty Images

It was so breathtaking that you just have to stand there for a sec and take in the miles of steep cliffs above the water. It almost didn't look real. I would go back in a heartbeat.


24. Trentina, Italy

Antonioscarpi / Getty Images

The alps of Italy. Absolutely stunning, there are about a million little mountain-side Italian towns that are just what you picture them to be. Val di Sole in Trentina, Italy - the name literally translates to valley of the sun and a lot of the buildings actually have sundials painted on the sides of them, just absolutely amazing, quiet, and gorgeous.


25. Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

Asmithers / Getty Images

Lake Lucerne, Switzerland is the most stunning place I've ever seen. The vivid colors of the grass and the mountains and the water all looks like something out of an ornate storybook. I'd love nothing more than to live in one of its picturesque villages along the shore at the foot of the craggy mountains... *sigh*


26. Giverny, France

Irakite / Getty Images

It's a small village in Normandy not far from Paris. Claude Monet's house and garden are located there. There are hundreds of water lilies, bamboo trees, roses and hundreds other flowers, plus some of his unfinished and smaller pieces are shown in the house. It is the calmest and most peaceful and beautiful places, if not on Earth,but definitely in Europe. And everyone in the village is very friendly and helpful.


27. Achill Island, Ireland

Igabriela / Getty Images

Achill Island off the West coast of Ireland... its rolling green hills and beautiful beaches always make me feel like I'm at home. The weather isn't great and there are sheep everywhere but I wouldn't change it for anything! I used to go there every summer when I was younger, best place ever!


28. Esfahan, Iran

Iran. Not only was Iran the most welcoming country I've ever visited, it was also the most beautiful. Ancient ruins, mosques covered in glass mosaics that feel as if you're walking among the stars, and villages that smell of roses. Esfahan, though, was my favorite. The entire city is a work of art. —ehmashoes

29. Bali, Indonesia

Ermakovaelena / Getty Images

There were so many breathtaking sights to see: incredible beaches, waterfalls, rainforests, rice fields, mountains, and rivers. One of the most amazing experiences of my life was a sunrise boat ride on Lovina Beach up close and personal with dolphins followed by snorkeling. It was unbelievable!


30. Lund Cathedral, Sweden

221a / Getty Images

There's a church in Sweden called Lund cathedral which must be my absolute favourite place on earth. There's something so peaceful about that enormous building in the middle of the city. Whenever I'm riddled with anxiety, I go there and it all seems to fade away. Truly a magical place!


31. The Fairy Pools, Scotland

Pilipipa / Getty Images

The Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye, Scotland. They were framed by the black hills and as blue as they appear in photos. Well off the beaten path and so magical.


32. Christchurch, New Zealand

Teradat Santivivut / Getty Images

Mount Sunday outside of Christchurch, New Zealand. It's so remote that you can turn in a full circle to just see mountains and nothing man-made. The wind will try to sweep you away. It's wild and magnificent and the purest, best place I've been. :)


33. Santorini, Greece

Aetherial / Getty Images

Santorini, Greece is absolutely breathtaking. Nothing is quite like watching the sun set in Oia and seeing how the colors of the sky reflect against the white painted village. It's truly spectacular.


34. Assisi, Italy

Freeartist / Getty Images

Honestly I was not happy on our school trip when we stopped in assisi because I thought we were stopping only cause we were a catholic school and we had to. It was selfish to say the least but wow was it the most magical place ever. You have to take escalators up to even get to the town and it is so beautiful and religious. You can climb miles up this mountain to the top of this castle and see the hills and the shadows of clouds passing over vineyards and villas surrounding the town. There is this little cafe right before the cathedral you can get frothy espresso and go on the porch which is on the ledge of a hill. It was the most beautiful place I have ever seen in the world. I could have sat at the top of that hill for hours in silence just enjoying the beauty!


35. Barcelona, Spain

Kavalenkavavolha / Getty Images

The buildings and architecture are stunning and the beaches (though a bit overcrowded) are gorgeous.


36. The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Leamus / Getty Images

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Just magical! You're surrounded by nothing but lava rocks and swimming in milky blue 100 degree water. Really all of Iceland is amazingly beautiful but the Blue Lagoon was my favorite!


37. Ein Gedi, Israel

kavram / Getty Images

The hike through the cliffs and along a river leads to a pool of water and waterfall. Never have I felt so in touch with my surroundings and so in love with the nature around me. The feeling of the sun on my shoulders, the cold water around my ankles, and the clear blue of the sky are memories I will never forget. —sallyg4f2d13f46

38. Tayrona Park, Colombia

Dc_colombia / Getty Images

It's a special place where a tropical forest meets the ocean! The beautiful blue waters and wonderful breeze make it a great vacation spot! My dad, sister and I camped there for 10 days and it was such a refreshing getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. There's no service so you're forced to enjoy the beauty of the nature around you. Also, there are a bunch of coconut trees and you can usually hear some falling. If you're lucky you can find a fresh one and drink it.


39. Baguio City, Philippines

Remanz / Getty Images

I love Baguio city here in the Philippines. I've been there twice - the first time I was there I was with my friends for three days. We went up there to do church stuff and do a quick tour of the city. For the second time, I was alone and it was for my vacation. I supposedly be there for 5 days but I left a day early but I was happy because I did things for the first time. I feel like this is my second home. The city is quite small but there's so much things that can be done here. And I love the cold temperature here. The degrees can drop until 9 degrees Celsius during December to February. It's like having winter without snow. —joyyyv

40. Cork, Ireland

Rainbow79 / Getty Images

A beautiful place full of friendly people, and there's always something to do! I was lucky to spend a whole semester abroad there, surrounded by so much history.


41. Island of Capri, Italy

I've been traveling around the world as much as I can the past few years, but no place I have been has been able to top the island of Capri off the Amalfi Coast of Italy. It is a true Mediterranean paradise with a lush landscape, incredibly blue and turquoise warm waters, and golden sunshine. Capri is by far the most beautiful place on Earth that I have ever been. —johnnyn44a947fab

42. Cerro Brujo beach, Galapagos

mhgstan / Getty Images

Cerro Brujo beach on San Cristobal island in the Galapagos. There were biting horse flies but good lord was it worth it. I have never seen water glow like that before. Sea Lions played in the water and we saw hammerheads and Booby Birds at Kicker rock near by. It is an incredibly special place. —sloanybalony

43. Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

Cworthy / Getty Images

It's got a bit of everything: sea, vineyards, history, and a great local artisanal community. It's serene, but with the highest tides in the world, there's also ample opportunity for adventure. —heatherdeeda123e

44. The Isle of Lewis, Scotland

Swen_stroop / Getty Images

The Isle of Lewis in the Scottish Hebrides. The drive through the Scottish highlands to get there is breathtaking, and then after a ferry across to the island, you're greeted with a beautiful harbour of boats and seals. The town of Stornoway is bustling and so much fun to walk around, lots of great cafes and shops. But my favourite is venturing out into the moors to see farm houses, sheep, and old crofts and stacks of peat. The beaches are as beautiful as Caribbean ones, white sand and blue water. And the island is rich in history, with black houses and the Callanish standing stones. I cant wait to go back.


45. Patagonia, Argentina

It's such a strange, barren and beautiful landscape that is so different from elsewhere in the world. Patagonia is a huge section of Argentina and I could spend my whole life exploring it. However, I would recommend the Los Glaciares National Park (pictured above). If you can make it in the off-peak season, you'll be truly on your own on the trails and you can really soak up the mountains, glaciers and little winding paths. —karil4ba3fcb3c

46. The Quirang, Scotland

Wiiz / Getty Images

The Quirang on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. I don't think there is anything quite like it. It was honestly awe inspiring and easily the most beautiful place I have ever seen. I visited Scotland a little over 3 years ago and still think of Skye almost every day.


47. The Li River, China

Seanpavonephoto / Getty Images

The Li River and surrounding mountains in Yangshuo, Guangxi, China are as if you're stepping into an enchanted fairytale land. The area is untouched by urbanization so you get to experience scenery and culture that's been around for over 1000 years. These mountains are unique to the region and won't be found anywhere else in the world!


48. Easter Island, Chile

Aetherial / Getty Images

Easter Island is easily the most beautiful place I have ever been. It was the best 1.75 days I have ever experienced, and I cannot wait for the day I step back onto that Island. From the breath-taking, untouched nature to the unexplainable heads on the island, the whole island is hands down the most amazing place I have ever been on this planet.


49. Jacmel, Haiti

Robert_Ford / Getty Images

Jacmel, Haiti is my happy place. I took this picture on my visit over the summer. The people of Jacmel have beautiful souls and the town itself is jaw dropping. Getting there isn't easy, but man is it worth it. —lizziec42f802a51

50. Antigua, Caribbean

Kpegg / Getty Images

Antigua, Caribbean is one of the prettiest places in the world from my point of view, bc not only is the warm turquoise ocean and white sand beaches breath taking but the people and different mix of cultures is amazing. The memories I have made in this place will stick with me forever. To me this place reminds me of the best of times surrounded by beautiful landscapes and wonderful people and food. To me not only the place but also the events that occur in this place are beautiful.


51. Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

Lkunl / Getty Images

Clear blue water, fine white sand beaches, no cars allowed, $2 pad Thai, the kindest locals.


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