The 32 Most Iconic Eye Rolls Of All Time

Infinite sass.

32. The Nicki

Fox / American Idol / Via buzzfeedceleb.tumblr.com

31. The Miley

28. The Gosling

ABC / Jimmy Kimmel Live

19. The Zoe

Bravo / Via giphy.com

14. The LC

MTV / The Hills / Via giphy.com

12. The Blair

The CW / Gossip Girl / Via meangirlgifs.tumblr.com

11. The Mary

PBS / Downton Abbey / Via fmlawschool.tumblr.com

10. The Robert Downey Jr.

9. The Nene

6. The Krysten

ABC / Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23 / Via lifeaslknowit.tumblr.com

5. The Lucille Bluth

Fox / Arrested Development / Via teeveegetsme.tumblr.com

1. The Liz Lemon

NBC / 30 Rock / Via replygif.net

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