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    Taylor Swift's "Hunger Games" Music Video

    Today marks the release of Taylor Swift's "Safe and Sound," the first song to be released from "The Hunger Games" soundtrack.

    I don't know how everybody around these parts feel about Taylor Swift (I classified the dress she wore -- that looked like Lumiere and that she had yanked the drapes off of a rich person's window -- as "bad" and most comments seemed to disagree) but I found this video completely underwhelming. Her voice, dress, and even Swift herself are beautiful, albeit boring: in a post-apocalyptic world in which the Hunger Games are occurring, wouldn't you expect it to be a little more exciting? Also, does it feel a little bit like Swift is playing Cosette, the role she lost out on in "Les Miserables," in this video just to prove that she can? Or is she just completely emo these days?

    Feel free to weigh in below!