Tara Reid And Jedward's Relationship, Explained

    Why are they always together?!

    This is John and Edward Grimes. Combined they are Jedward, an Irish singing group who appeared on "X Factor" and performed at Eurovision this year:

    This is Tara Reid. You know her from "American Pie."

    Tara and Jedward all appeared on "Celebrity Big Brother" together:

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    They quickly became best friends:

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    After the show was over they made a music video together, naturally:

    And they soon started going everywhere together.

    They went out together:

    Went on vacation together:

    They went to premieres together:

    They went to the beach together:

    To St. Tropez together:

    Where they ran through the ocean, holding hands:

    They were just together, all the time.

    Last week, Tara Reid was photographed with a "Mystery Man"...

    He kind of looks a lot like Jedward...

    ...because he's (probably) related to them!

    No, he definitely is:

    So Tara Reid is dating Jedward's older brother. ...Maybe?

    Tara Reid and Jedward: a happy, weird family!