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32 Sweet Treats Vegans Don't Actually Have To Give Up

Just because you went vegan doesn't mean you gave to give up the good stuff. BRING ON THE DESSERT!

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This post is for anyone who's thinking about going vegan, has gone full vegan, or for those of you who are just curious about what the heck people who follow vegan diets can eat. With a little effort and creativity WE CAN HAVE IT ALL!


5. Brownies

Vegan brownies are quite similar to regular brownies except that vegan recipes tend to sneak all kinds of vegetables and other healthy superfoods into theirs. Nuts, berries... like the above recipe for Carrot Zucchini Chocolately Brownies: healthy AND delicious.


16. Ice Cream

If you've ever stepped inside of a Whole Foods you already know that you can buy dairy free ice cream in nearly every flavor imaginable. I'm partial to making my own ice cream at home, and this recipe for Fairy Dust Cake Batter Ice Cream is both tasty and easy to make.


24. Sorbet

One of my favorite things about a raw diet is the seemingly endless array of dessert options! Sorbets are super easy to make, requiring only a handful of ingredients (sometimes only one!) and some ice. The recipe above by Rawified, for example, consists of only mangoes and lemons and limes.

28. Ice Pops

When you grab a box of popsicles out of your grocery store freezer it's a race against the clock to get them home before they melt. Skip the hassle — and opt for some all-natural ingredients — by making your own at home. Because yes, even your favorite classic Popsicle brand has high fructose corn syrup in them. What's healthier than fruit and ice?

Have another vegan recipe that rules? Share it in the comments!


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