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    11 Subscription Boxes For Zen People

    Get these for your meditation-loving BFF.

    1. MoonBox, by Gaia Collective

    If you're a lover of la luna, don't miss this one. MoonBox promises to "deepen your connection to the moon, your inner self, and the community that supports you." Everything in the box is BEAUTIFUL, from the crystals to the moon deck cards. I definitely recommend!

    Boxes start at $22/month at Cratejoy.

    2. Enchanted Crystal Box

    Do you love crystals? Would you like a once-a-month surprise at your door filled with beautiful rocks and minerals? If you answered yes, then this box will serve you well.

    Get the Crystal of the Month box for $16/month and the Crystal Variety Box for $58/month at Cratejoy.

    3. Wild Crystals Box

    Each month the selection of crystals, minerals, and stones are curated to match a monthly theme. Every box comes with an information sheet about each of the stones that comes with it.

    Get the box for $19/month at Cratejoy.

    4. Wild Medicine Box

    This mix of herbs, stones, and energy tools are selected to "support your wild & free lifestyle while connecting you back to nature and yourself." If you enjoy the Wild Crystals Box (above), you can get both of them together for $55/month.

    Get the mini Wild Medicine Box for $19/month at Cratejoy.

    5. Love & Light Healing

    Each subscription box includes a natural organic body care item, handmade jewelry, metaphysical tools, art prints, and crystals. An extra bonus: Everything in the box was created by WOC and LGBTQI artisans.

    Get the Goddess Box for $35/month and the Goddess Supreme Box for $45/month at Cratejoy.

    6. Goddess Provisions Box

    This box has a bit of everything for the goddess on the go: aromatherapy, crystals, spiritual tools, and natural beauty products. Everything you get is vegan and cruelty-free!

    Get the Goddess Provisions Box for $33/month at Cratejoy.

    7. Chi Box

    Merriam-Webster defines the word chi as "vital energy that is held to animate the body internally." So naturally, this box helps you do just that with crystals, spiritual tools, guided meditations and affirmations.

    Get your Chi Box for $25/month at Cratejoy.

    8. Chakra Box

    For anyone looking to either learn more about their chakras or get their chakras aligned, this box is for you. Each month you'll get a box that's dedicated to one of the seven main chakras filled with tools to help balance your life.

    Get the Chakra Box for $35.99/month at Cratejoy.

    9. Magick Vibes Box

    Kelsey J. Patel — yes, the very same Reiki Mater who's been working with Jax all season long on Vanderpump Rules — has her own seasonal offering with items "inspired by self-love and the regeneration of true self-care."

    Get the Spring Magick Vibes Box for $135 at Kelsey J Patel.

    10. The Incense Box

    This box is absolutely perfect for anyone who loves to fill their home with different scents. You can customize your box to be filled with what you use, too, as they offer four different options: Incense Only, Just Oils, Incense Surprise, and Incense + Essential Oils.

    Boxes start at $14.99/month at Cratejoy.

    11. Merkababox

    Inspired by the merkaba, items in this box "appeal to a conscious way of living, tools to deepen your spiritual practice." This includes books, crystals, jewelry, superfoods, herbs, and more — and everything is vegan and cruelty-free.

    Get the Merkababox for $35/month at Cratejoy.

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